The seven accounts more followed in Twitter search use

The seven accounts more followed in Twitter search use

The use search, like it happens in other as much activities, every time is more tie to Internet and every day is used plus the technology for it. Of this form, to twitter is one of the digital spaces where more internauts are and participate, reason why is a tool essential to be abreast of all the supplies of use that can appear and can interest the people in active search of work.

The great majority of companies dedicated to the consultancy and management of supplies of use has active profiles in Twitter. They exist infinity of profiles specialized by sectors, professions, zones and a long list of others. Nevertheless, a few generalist consultants with a massive pursuit exist and who publish all type of job offers. Here we showed the profiles to him of twitter of the companies with more pursuit and than human resources advice in of use twitean supply and:

@infojobs: With more than 161,000 followers, it is the profile that has more followers. This account is defined as “Web of #empleo leader in Spain. Each contract signed through @InfoJobses a joy #TuAlegría [video]”

@empleoytrabajo: Count with more than 107,000 followers. In its description they indicate: “Supplies of use and recommendations for the active search of use. Finder of Use:”

@infoempleo To this account follows to him more than 104,000 people. They say in their profile of itself that “With almost 30 years of experience in the RRHH management, we worked day to day to help to find use you”. It is the account in twitter of, company located in Spain.

These three accounts are without a doubt those that more attention they generate and that they have more than 100,000 followers. Even so, others below 100,000 exist followers that is worth the trouble to emphasize:

@buscar_trabajo: It has more than 87,000 followers and this one is its description “To spread to supplies use/work 24x7x365, publishes your job application, stock market work, advice interviews, recommendations search, Recruiters, Head Hunters ETTs”.

@oficinaempleo This account is placed in Madrid. More than 76,200 people they follow this profile that defines as “Your portal of use and formation. We on a daily basis offer job offers, the news to you of the sector of the most interesting use and in formative supply.”

@quieroempleo This is the account of twitter tie to the Chamber of Commerce in Spain. This profile almost 70,000 users follow it. Its description says that they are “Twitter official of, network of use of the Chambers of Commerce of Spain. | With @ctuitae, you can publish your CB in 1 tuit.”

@portalparados This profile it has more than 58,400 followers. It is described as “Web of useful information for which they look for #trabajo in Internet. You will find opportunities of #empleo, #formación, #rrhh, #ocio and everything what can help you.”. Also it operates from Madrid and it is located in Spain



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