Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Shame on you Mail on Sunday"

Disgusting lies in the Mail on Sunday as I predicted yesterday, totally fabricating plans for Adam to travel to Japan as well as cruelly exploiting British ex-servicemen in the process.Whilst I could go on at length, the fact of the matter is that the psychological abuse daily inflicted on our people by journalists in this country is equally as bad, if not worse, than the physical torment by the Japanese seventy years ago.

Adam's response to the article this morning was as follows:

"I have only sympathy for all POWs who suffered in World War II. The treatment our boys got when captured cannot be justified or excused. I condemn it unreservedly. The Shrine is not about the minority of war criminals in WW2 but all those who died fighting for Japan from 1868 to 1947. I think that it is important that we show respect for innocents, those who suffered in wars and even honourable former enemies. To ignore the overall nature of the shrine and focus on only one aspect is ignorant racism."

"The Mail is misrepresenting the nature of the Shrine, the nature of my visit and seeking and present a shallow and sensationalist propaganda piece. That they exploit former POWs to this end is particularly worthy of condemnation. Shame on you Mail on Sunday."

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Smears, Sainsbury's and Reds (Mature Spanish)

Bit of a smear on the way in one of the Sunday newspapers tomorrow. Usual stuff designed to poison minds, trick people into thinking that their self-preservation is some kind of mortal sin and, naturally enough, preserve the power structure in the process. It just amazes me that the British people can't see through it all and realise what is being done to them.

Somewhat less significantly I'm currently sporting a horse fly bite on my left leg as a punishment for venturing out in shorts yesterday. Ironic really considering I have two large wasp nests in close proximity. The wasps don't bother me since a truce was brokered allowing them to use my wood shed until the Autumn when I'll start to need it and most of them will by then be in wasp Valhalla.

Had the Huffington Post trying to interview Adam the other day. I told them to email me so that I could forward on their request to him. "Just remember to put in the message the fact that your political editor is on record as stating that non-Muslims are a lower form of life so Adam knows what kind of people he is dealing with" said I . She laughed nervously and for the briefest of moments I received the impression she was distinctly uncomfortable with the sudden reality-check I had forced upon her. Not surprising really, considering.

Hit Sainsbury's hard early this morning avoiding the crowds and bagged up on their 25% off 6 or more bottles of wine which was compounded by a 10p a litre diesel saving in the process. Just in case your interested that equated to £23.85 per gallon for the wine and £5.48 per gallon for the diesel. I'm hoping the price disparity isn't the only difference.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vladimir Walker

Been enjoying my holiday in the sunshine and must admit I could get very used to this. Big news yesterday which I'm sure you are all aware of with regards Adam as new leader. Great guy Adam, popular in the Party and respected by everybody.

I told him yesterday, he's going to come under pressure from the controlled media and assorted sheep people. Consequently, I see in a few newspapers he's almost as wicked and bad as Vladimir Putin this morning. Business as usual then.

Friday, 11 July 2014


Enjoying a few days off in the sunshine trying to keep away from the news. I am however aware of Israel ruthlessly pulverising the Palestinians, the Germans crushing Brazil and the British public beginning to realise that in UKIP they've been sold a pup - should have gone to Specsavers.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Plastic Cheese and Plastic Patriots.

Was away in Germany last week as I hinted in an earlier blog. Very interesting place the Black Forest with yellowhammers, finches and pied wagtails with Teutonic accents. This photo illustrates the view I had every morning but fails to capture the multitude of storks present in the fields of Alsace below.

The problem with both France and Germany however is that neither have any concept of breakfast. For somebody used to a "full English" as one of the benefits of staying away, plastic cheese really doesn't cut the mustard. Still in both countries at least you have the locals able to freely present the news on TV unlike the UK where apparently strict unwritten rules, for the purpose of multicultural indoctrination, dictate that an ethnic minority must do the job.

Meanwhile I see UKIP are approaching the systematic Islamic colonisation of our nation in a rather predictable way; not concerned about new mosques themselves, but simply about the minarets. I wonder if this is a new official party line and whether this proposed architectural emasculation will further the understanding of the electorate as to the castrated version of the real thing they have been coerced into championing to deal with their plight?

Whilst the newspaper clipping is of unfortunately low resolution you might want to examine the final comments concerning the local lady and the effect the new mosque will have on house prices. A rather selfish attitude, but she needn't worry once she realises who is likely to be moving next door. All in all a lot of turmoil just for the sake of not being "racist".

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

"Do you know this game?"

Managed to bring myself to watch the Germany Algeria game the other night amongst a load of German fans. They have a different attitude towards watching the national team than we do - much more reserved.

When it finished one of them asked me "do you know this game" . A hurtful comment meant as a joke which I politely laughed off.

Multiplying my humiliation some 40 odd million times I wonder just how much our overpaid players and corporatised football Mafia are aware of collective suffering?

The Link

Got sent this but not sure if it is genuine. Glad I never met or was photographed with either of these two.Funny how times change.