Thursday, 29 January 2015

Is Manchester A Muslim City?

If I get the chance today I'll try and get out for a walk in the snow having just fed the birds a double ration. My resident flock of blackbirds seems to be directionally proportional in numbers to the wind chill factor although I'll not be ditching my remote wireless sensors just yet.

Had a couple of French media outlets asking whether or not Manchester was a Muslim city off the back of the story (below) concerning the guy suspended from work. Naturally enough,after the Charlie Hebdo atrocities, the media in France are very sensitive about free speech issues.

Having read the way the Manchester Evening News, rather than defend freedom of expression, actually acted as the chief prosecution witness, the French journalists were shocked. I hope Manchester Council and their totalitarian in-house publication are proud of the image of Manchester they present to the rest of the world.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


In just two years time it will be the one hundred year anniversary of the start of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Judging by the BBC's recent editorial guidelines, taking into account the 65 million people who were exterminated, I reckon that equates to a opening headline news item approaching 2 hours in length even without the whodunnit. Wouldn't want to be a news anchor that day, let's hope there's not much else going down.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Labour Spits on Graves of Charlie Hebdo Victims

Labour finds an unlikely dupe to assist it this morning in spitting on the graves of the Charlie Hebdo victims in a trademark but now somewhat outdated attempt to suppress freedom of expression. You might have thought, après Paris, the journalist might have the integrity to point out the glaring moral inconsistencies and perhaps the striking similarity with Labour's politically correct Taliban and its Islamic doppelgänger.

There again there are some newspapers where it is extremely hard to distinguish between reporters and active members of Labour's campaign team. Take this earlier video for example where it seems someone was miraculously on hand to capture the moment when what appears to be a travelling freak show passed through the Vale of Glamorgan.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Greek Exit

Having survived a Hezbollah plane hijack on an Athens to Rome flight thirty years ago, it looks like the shock of waking up this morning under a Maoist regime has finished off Greek singer Demis Roussos.

West Ham Win and Greece becomes Maoist State Overnight

West Ham got me out of a bit of betting soap and bubble over the weekend with their late win down at Bristol City. An even money shot, they were always going to be value and rescue me from extreme misfortune that, due to a TV recording malfunction, even denied me the small pleasure of watching the demise of my highly ambitious Lucky 63 on Channel 4 Racing.

Meanwhile as Greece officially became a Maoist state overnight, unlike the treatment dished out to Golden Dawn in the past, Syriza seem to be getting an easy ride. "Far Left" seems to be the mainstream media's accepted label with no mention of the 70 million people sacrificed during the last century inflicting this ideology on China alone.

A far cry from the orchestrated media hysteria that greeted Golden Dawn's success and the arrest at gunpoint of their officials. As I type the other story of the Greek election is that Golden Dawn seem to be heading for third place. A truly staggering achievement considering that most of their election campaign team has had to do so behind bars. Golden Dawn's reward for electoral success last time was the jailing of 7 of their 16 democratically elected MPs.

When all the dust settles and if Syriza's shining path doesn't lead to an outright majority, they may need to look in rather unlikely places for a coalition partner. For that reason and the interests of genuine democracy Alexis Tsipras would do well to end the persecution of Greek nationalists and bring a shameful chapter of their country's esteemed history to an end.

That the leader of a popular political party has to address his people from a payphone locked behind bars should shame the whole of Europe. Following on from the Paris atrocities and demands for free speech and freedom of expression it appears people have rather short or selective memories.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Big Garden Bird Watch

Nothing sensational for my RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch but a solid performance. With a no-show from some of my spectacular visitors, the raven almost got in on the act before he saw me ready to count him in. Have a go yourself, but no cheating, only birds in the garden rather than flying overhead, actually count.

Once completed, try your hand at the BNP's Great British Replacement Watch and count the number of different languages currently in operation in your area. Submit your results and get an instant score for your own personal, endangered species ranking.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

UKIP Breaking News

More than a superficial meaning to the title of this blog as this grubby, little story emerges with enough time to make the Sunday newspapers. Wonder if the Tories are confident enough to take him on now? I also wonder just when it will dawn on the electorate that they should have stuck with the BNP instead of just running away when the going got tough.