Friday, 4 September 2015

Controlled Media Migrant Virtual Reality Overkill - Feel The Guilt

I wonder how many of the British public currently under sustained, orchestrated psychological assault from the controlled media wish they had voted BNP now rather than be dissuaded from doing so by the same mechanism now blatantly championing their replacement?

Many must be sat there wondering where on earth is the other side of the "migrant" argument as they are subjected to wave after wave of simplistic emotional rhetoric more suited to a primary school audience. The hard truth is that they ran away when asked to stand and fight with us and are now paying the political price for their cowardice and gullibility. It might not be politically expedient to say that but it needs to be said.

Whilst in military terms the Cold War ended in stalemate, ideologically the West lost. Decades of cultural Marxist brainwashing later, much of the population, whilst obsessed with materialism and self-indulgence, is in fact in a state of illogical dysfunction bordering on trauma-induced mental illness. Many of our children emerge from educational indoctrination multiculturally pre-stunned, stripped of their identity,effectively racial ghosts.

Preconditioned to violently reject their own salvation much of the British public has been rendered incapable of thinking in its own self interest. To perpetuate this incapacity, Britain's speech Stasi, now not only dictate what is and what is not acceptable but, with their "isms" and "obias", actually customise and emasculate even our own language to suit their own agenda. Emotional levers and booby-traps pre-planted deep in their subconscious keep the British on the straight and narrow to their oblivion.

With this in mind it is perhaps not surprising that some of us in the nationalist community are currently asking ourselves whether or not the British people are worth saving at all. Yet if you look around many are starting to reject the mass media poison and escape the degenerative virtual reality of vibrant, diverse and enriched Britain. The truth is becoming the tractor beam gravitating those capable of understanding towards a process of natural selection and consequent survival.

After all, how many young people today do you see reading a newspaper? Why should they pay for lies when they can get the truth on the Internet for free? Online they can by-pass all of the sentimental, manipulative drivel about drowned children and learn of the parental greed that ultimately lead to their death. Why would they flea a safe country like Turkey if not for more money?What's more why do these "migrants" always want to come to countries predominantly inhabited by white people? What's wrong with the Africans and Chinese, are these "migrants" racially prejudiced?

Not exactly the kind of line currently followed by the newspapers and the BBC, but of course the real story is the synthesis and prefabrication of the "migrant crisis" in the first place. The CIA, MI5 and special forces funding and creation of the Mujahideen to resist the Russians in Afghanistan, the subsequent Al-Qaeda terrorist mutation right through to the current day ISIL/ISIS refugee assembly line.

Europe's migrant crisis is no accident, it is a deliberate and a direct result of the weaponisation of militant and migratory Islam. You'll not be reading that in the newspapers anytime soon either, along with the fact that Osama bin Laden himself was actually transported to Scotland for weapons training on the Hebrides MOD missile firing range. There again, to emphasise my point, you haven't had to.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

White Europeans - Thick as two short planks.

Truly breathtaking how the same media outlets who have been cheerleaders for bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria in the first place can shed crocodile tears over the death of just one child washed up on a Turkish beach. The UN sanctions imposed on Iraq alone killed 500,000 children before the shock and awe even started.

The very same media with the help of emotional parasites like Emma Thompson are actually to blame for the whole crisis. These illegal immigrants, for that is what they are, need to be given the message that Britain doesn't want them. Should they enter this country illegally, they should be fined, their mobile phones confiscated and sold for charity, then immediately deported back to the deserts where they came from. We should also totally withdraw from the regions of conflict and grant the Arab peoples the dignity and respect to sort out their own problems.

In the long run this would help save thousands of lives but anyone suggesting this would be systematically ostracised, denounced and vilified by the very same media apparatus. Anyone suggesting the whole destabilisation of the Middle East carries with it the handy by-product of replacing the white population of Europe would also be denounced as a crazed racist conspiracy theorist.

Most of this you already know, the real question is this. Why are white people so easily deceived? Maybe they'll learn when it is their turn to take to the boats when the cumulative importation of religious nuttery, crime, squalor and corruption turns our lands into uninhabitable third world basket cases. Perhaps when they realise they have nowhere else to go that the penny will drop...into the Atlantic.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Calais Very Latest - you get what you vote for (or should it be who you don't vote for)

Pinched this video from a lady on Facebook but don't think she'll mind. Hopefully it will appear below with the original commentary to add a bit of flavour. The way it is going this is how a commute to work or trip to the shops is going to be in this country soon.

Wonderful journey back from France yesterday, NOT! One of them charged over and smacked my Billy in the face through the open window, thankfully didn't hurt him. I've never seen Colin get out of the truck so quick, didn't catch the ***ker though. It was like a scene from the walking dead with them all charging down the road, very scary, I thought Garry was going to start getting some karate practice in, he stopped the ****ers getting in the car next doors boot fgs! They tried to get under my truck (are they insane?) The poor lorry driver in front had just locked those doors and they ripped them open and piled in. It's like a game to them!! Our 8pm ferry left at 11pm
Posted by Anjie Evans on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sunday, 30 August 2015

When Jeremy Goes To Brighton

Considering there was nothing in the last general election for the BNP, it made a great deal of sense to use some of our electoral capacity in attacking Labour and insuring they would not be forming the next government. However, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that our not so insignificant contribution to their failure could result in the kind of San Andreas phenomenon that is taking place before our very eyes.

Should the British nationalist community ever manage to stop its own internecine squabbling there's all kinds of angles about to open up from where we can take advantage of Labour's tectonic self-destruction. Of course it doesn't help that much of the electorate is so preconditioned as to be rendered nauseous merely at the mention of its own survival. Nevertheless with Corbyn now a shoe-in for Labour leader, opportunities are about to come a-knocking.

Labour's impending sharp lurch to the left will not be doing the Greens any favours and it is also likely to push the LibDems into a more distant orbit. As for the BNP, well it would seem a shame not to take advantage of Corbyn's impending train crash, since after all, we did give them a helpful,little shove on the way to the cliffs.

As with all things it just depends on who is prepared to put themselves out. Nick may have had a few faults, as we all do, but he wasn't exactly lacking when it came to taking on the full might of the establishment and facing jail for his political beliefs. Too many capable people in our movement understand that risk and potential hardship is involved in our struggle but select instead to attack the BNP itself as the soft option to assuage their guilt.Such things I can say having faced the music myself a few times.

With a new era under Adam it is perhaps time to cast an introspective analytical eye on the nationalist diaspora and those engineering an excuse for their disengagement. Old and New Labour's forthcoming fist-fight in Brighton might be not just be an interesting spectator sport. Instead it might offer us a seismographic illustration of the old adage of divide and rule and that united strength is stronger.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Coming Soon - Labour's Brighton Bloodbath Live on RT 27-30 Sept 2015

Comrade Corbyn is now 1/3 to be next Labour leader as the extreme left really tightens its grip. All kinds of outcomes will consequently manifest from Dianne Abbot becoming the next Mayor of London right through to a boost for the anti-EU referendum camp.

Next month's Brighton conference should be interesting too as all manner of hard-left freaks will be declaring war on New Labour not to mention the impending house arrest of Tony Blair for war crimes.An action-packed autumn of electoral self-destruction for us all to enjoy.

Meanwhile down in Essex there's a few green shoots emerging.

Friday, 14 August 2015

BNP win Essex Council Seat

Great victory for BNP councillor Tina Gentry last night down in Heybridge, Essex. Lovely lady and backed by a fantastic local team and organiser

Tina Gentry:    230

Zofia Edwards:175

John Harrison: 110

So here it is, either sit behind your keyboards perpetually moaning and whining about the state of British Nationalism or get out there and do something positive for your community with the BNP. Your choice.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

BBC, Guardian - Ferguson activist shot down like a dog just for enacting his peaceful right to protest by spraying police officers with automatic gunfire

Watching the BBC News last night I was somewhat confused by the "racist attack" tag used several times whilst covering the story of that unfortunate black teacher stabbed in Bradford. Rather strangely the racial identity of the assailant was kept from us and one has to look at the local press to establish that the attacker was Asian.

On the one hand there's no doubt in my mind that if the knifeman had been white the BBC would have been ramming it down our throats for decades. Yet why mention it was a racial attack in the first place? Is this a sign that the BBC are beginning to recognise that white people are not uniquely malevolent in this regard?

I suppose there has to be a turning point with the latest events unfolding in Ferguson proving more and more difficult to sanitise by the controlled media. They could try the angle about the black freedom fighter shot down like a dog just for enacting his peaceful right to protest by spraying police officers with automatic gunfie. There again, with alternative media becoming more powerful, it's becoming increasingly difficult to falsify the truth.