Thursday, 17 April 2014

WWIII & Copa del Rey

Some truly rabid anti-Russian rhetoric voted on this morning during the last day of this term´s final plenary session, not that we were having any part in this infantile sabre-rattling. With that over we can now concentrate fully on the European Elections not much more than a month away.

Having had virtually no exercise during the last few days it is an absolute certainty that my next trip to the digital scales will be something to celebrate. Consequently it might very well be the case that my Easter period is going to be characterised as calorifically frugal.

Meanwhile in the plenary session this morning, Nick wasn´t allowed to make a point of order concerning the latest developments in Italian politics. Apparently it is now the rage in Rome for the local police to confiscate nominating signature forms from organisations that don´t tow the ideological line.

I will be doing a live interview on national radio over the Easter weekend which I´ll let you have the details of a bit closer to kick off. On that subject, what a great goal Gareth Baile scored for Real Madrid last night to beat Barcelona in the Spanish cup. I saw it on RT this morning interlaced with reports on WWIII.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chinese interview  that link, crudely copied via my iPad should take you to that Chinese interview that Nick did last week from a studio in Manchester. I have no idea what it is like though and they may have done a number on us!

Meanwhile I am piling through double voting sessions as the European Parliament tries to rush through as much garbage as they can before close of play.

Walked past Chris Hughton, the former Norwich manager and Spurs player yesterday everyone was wishing him well.One of the nicest guys in football.

Monday, 14 April 2014


Don't think I have ever been busier in the last five years working on BNP- related stuff. To cap it all there's supersize plenary session to deal with this week.

Managed to get a decent holiday booked though and might even get the chance to dust down my beachcasters.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Purpose Built Shopping Centre For White People in Yorkshire

Here's something you might find of interest, a purpose built shopping centre for white people. Oh sorry, it's purpose built for Asians, an unintended mistake about a premeditated racially-motivated retail development.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Marine A & BNP

Got a tip-off this morning that during the BBC documentary concerning "Marine A" there's extensive footage of the BNP's recent demonstration outside the Old Bailey. Unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment to check it out, but thought the least I could do was to provide you with the iPlayer link so you could see for yourselves.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

China meets the BNP

I'll be on BBC Radio Four in the next week or so talking about the European elections. On that very subject, it will not be long before we know about our allocation and slots for party election broadcasts. That however will be another story in itself I can assure you.

Meanwhile Nick will be filming for the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV and its one billion viewers some time very soon. I'm not sure when that goes out and whether or not his proposed advocate George Galloway will be stepping up the plate. Wonder if either of them are playing this in the car or on their iPods?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

BNP banner confiscated - BBC usual duplicity.

Getting lots of calls from all regions of the BBC wanting to know about our European Election candidates. They are doing so only because by law they have to offer us a set amount of coverage during the election period. It just goes to show that they can get hold of us when they want to and make no effort whatsoever to involve us when they are not legislatively compelled to do so.

Just think of all the times they have discussed the BNP and in some cases even constructed whole programme about us and not even extended the professional or moral courtesy of an invite or right to reply. They go on to excuse their bias, only when cornered to do so, by stating that they could not get hold of a spokesman.Yeah right.

Meanwhile here's a piece of video footage hot in from this morning involving the police confiscating a BNP anti-grooming banner.Were the police unreasonable or not, you tell me.