Monday, 2 March 2015

Islington Media Joke

A further update this morning concerning the murder of 15-year-old Alan Cartwright stabbed to death for his bicycle on Caledonian Road in Islington, North London on Friday night. As you can still see the mainstream media is refusing to release details of the suspects despite the danger to the public they obviously present.

You may thus ask yourselves why this should and why you have to come to a blog like this in order to learn that the Metropolitan Police are currently looking for three black males as prime suspects in Alan's murder.

Unlike Alan's other two friends he refused to hand over his bicycle for which he was then stabbed to death. Imagine the outcry in the mainstream press if three white men had done such a thing to a young black lad. Think of the police conferences. live TV reports, interviews with "community spokesmen" and grieving relatives not to mention the demands for action by senior politicians.

Instead the story is clinically relegated and censored. Remember this the next time the mainstream media try to play the race card, or more accurately, the Joker as more and more people realise.


A little piece of video from the PEGIDA demonstration on Saturday to start us off for the week.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Daily Mail's Pro-BNP Vulcan Mind-Meld Trick

A St David's Day present for Welsh patriots from the Stade de France last night and another gift for all of us long-suffering Brits this morning as the Mail on Sunday actually publishes a BNP cartoon mocking the media and its obsessive anti-white agenda.

The thrust of the story is an irrelevance with the real damage being done by exposing a whole swathe of the population to some very naughty thoughts indeed.Thoughts that may start to unravel the constraints on the multicultural narrative currently ruthlessly imposed by nothing less than a cultural war on white people.

As if to illustrate this, every single mainstream media outlet in the UK refuses to publish any description whatsoever of the killers of 15 year-old Alan Cartwright . Stabbed to death for a bicycle in North London on Friday night, the media would be playing a very different tune if Alan was not part of a community that is now effectively categorised as disposable.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Likely Lads

Russia Today were broadcasting a live video stream from the PEGIDA demonstration in Newcastle earlier in the afternoon. Proof of which can be seen from this screenshot after the event containing a couple of likely lads.

Newcastle BNP/PEGIDA - Hypocrisy of the Pro-Islamification Left

As the Vulcan world is in mourning there's a bit of a retro feel to this morning's Aryan Image - The Voice of the Aryan Community. It must be the old logo adorning the coverage of what is an anti-Islamification march, not an anti-Muslim march. Actually its the Asian Image, but I'm sure you get my point.

As I told reporters from both the Sun and the Times earlier this week, what Muslims do in their own countries is none of our business. In fact when I go to Muslim countries I want to see mosques, Islamic culture and architecture not McDonald's.

Strange how the people demonstrating against PEGIDA and the BNP are more than happy to support the Labour Party that bombed and starved 500,000 Iraqi civilians to death in an illegal war. Perhaps their quest for civil rights and justice for the Muslim world ought to start a little closer to home.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Old & New

That's three big mainstream media outlets now interested in saying how wicked and bad we are for supporting the PEGIDA demo in Newcastle on Saturday. I've already done one interview yesterday, Adam is picking up on the second and another tabloid caught me in a good mood on the way back from Ludlow this afternoon.

Here's a little photo of Ludlow Castle I took having just sampled the delights of the local farmer's market. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that by the time I'd finished sampling and stocking up, the first two races at the local racecourse had already taken place.

Meanwhile hats off to London BNP for there innovative approach to fundraising. As you can see their Hornchurch & Upminster campaign has tapped into the latest form of financing. Wonder what the total will be tomorrow?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pegida Newcastle

Got one or two media outlets interested in the Pegida demonstration in Newcastle this Saturday. Just had a bit of a run-in with one journalist who seems to think there isn't a problem in the UK. Consequently we can expect some rather colourful coverage over the next day or so.