Wednesday, 23 April 2014

BNP PEB Tuesday 29th April - Multiple Slots

Happy St George's Day to everyone. I had the Guardian on last night still fighting WWII it would seem and desperately looking for a smear. The journalist didn't like what I had to say in fact he may be seeking counselling at this very moment.

Set myself a target to drop 9lbs in 30 days since I've got into the habit of raiding the cheese box late at night. Whether or not I manage that is another matter though, weight is so hard to get rid of and oh so easy to put on. Mind you, considering everything, I'm not looking too bad as you might see next Tuesday - night peak viewing time.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nothing compares, nothing compares to us

The UKIP hype goes on and on and on.. Contrast that to the three BBC Panorama sting operations, the church, the trades unions, celebrities, you name it plus a whole industry dedicated to telling people not to vote BNP. Still as you'll see very soon, in certain subjects, nothing compares, nothing compares to us.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Powered by vouchers

No that isn't the moon reflecting in my coffee. It is in fact a light in an M&S cafe where they give me it for free - with a voucher.

When BNP discrimination outweighs starvation

By clicking on the image and advancing the iPlayer to 37 mins 54 secs you'll be provided with my interview I did for BBC R4's Westminster Hour yesterday evening. A little bit of honest feedback on my Facebook page is all I ask in return as I like to keep our members and supporters happy.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

BNP on BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour tonight 10pm

My interview will be on BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour at 22:00 tonight. Presenter Caroline Quinn was nice enough, but we will have to see what the editor and the producer do for the finished product.

BNP Easter Double Truth Injection

Countering the neo-Marxist distortion of reality is your Christian duty for this Easter. As such I empower you with two of Nick's speeches from  Strasbourg on Thursday. Make sure you spread and share them afar as the corporate media certainly will not.

Situation in North Korea

 Syria, Vulnerable Communities

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Covering all the angles

Just landed a big insurance bet as Sunderland turn over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge at 16-1. Most people insure cars and houses but I go that little stage further by backing relegation rivals to cushion the blow of the lately worsening sight of the Premiership table. That'll get me a decent supply of good wine just in case the worst comes to the worst, but in reality if it gets anywhere near my lads facing the drop I'm lumping on enough to flee the country for a while as a precaution.

If you hadn't come here to read about my peculiar ways or the fact that I've seen a red legged partridge today you might like to check out this video by way of compensation instead.