Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A plague on your houses or bring out your dead?

To be fair to Sanctuary Housing I really can't tell whether this has been Photoshopped or not. I do know however that this group has form for this kind of vile anti-white racism so for the time being, the jury has to remain out.

Housing Associations have been politicised to the extent whereby they have now adopted a frontline role in the social engineering experiment that is Britain's diverse and vibrant society. They actively seek out areas deemed to be overtly indigenous and deliberately mix up the population by positioning new tenants.

It's another shocking revelation that will come out soon enough but is currently taboo and I'm a "racist" for blowing the whistle. One can detect however a growing unease amongst the left at the rapid UKIP-assisted drift towards identity politics in this country.

I am currently catching up on the BBC 3 series about EDL girls and whilst ordinary people didn't understand the way the left hate and abuse them before, they certainly do now. Banal and superficial egalitarian dogma meets the cold hard reality of ethno-religious coherence - over in the first round I reckon.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Pakistani TV Praising Labour Party Treason

Strange that the Sunday Mirror prioritises the time and resources towards an entrapment sting on a handful of Tory MPs. Especially so considering that there are thousands of racially-motivated child rapists currently at large preying on the children of the working class communities Mirror Group purports to champion.

This is GEO TV, a Pakistani TV channel, can anyone imagine a Pakistani politician openly bragging about demoting Pakistani Muslims from their society and replacing them with European Christian expats? If so how long would it be before he was taken around the back and given a 9mm sleeping tablet? Ten minutes, half an hour max.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Conservative Conference - Winning Muslim Votes: In a tight race, every Muslim voter we can peel away from Labour really matters. Forget white people.

Don't think the Tory conference in Birmingham has got the start that Cameron had bargained for. Serves them right as they continue to try and be all things to all men, shafting the British people in the process.

Just check out what is on the agenda as they extol the virtues of ethnically cleansing white people from science, technology, engineering and mathematics on the Monday before grovelling on their hands and knees for the Muslim vote the next evening. I couldn't get as far as the final day on Wednesday having not long had my Sunday dinner.

Monday 29 September
12.00 Prospect & Campaign for Science & Engineering
IET Austin Court (Cambridge St) : Telford Room
Raising Our Sights: Realising the potential of a more diverse STEM workforce
Speakers : Chair - Institute of Engineering and Technology; Mike Clancy, General Secretary - Prospect Trade Union; David Willetts MP, Havant; Dr Sarah Main, Director - Campaign for Science and Engineering; Dr Anna Zecharia, Director - ScienceGrrl
Refreshments available

Tuesday 30 September
19.30 Conservative Muslim Forum
The ICC : Hall 7A
Winning Muslim Votes: In a tight race, every Muslim voter we can peel away from Labour really matters.
Speakers : Mohammed Amin, Chairman - Conservative Muslim Forum (Chair); Mary Macleod MP, Brentford and Isleworth; Hannah David, Candidate for Harrow West; Afzal Amin, Candidate for Dudley North
If Muslims continue to vote Labour in the same proportions as before, it will make winning in 2015 more difficult for us. Our fringe meeting will feature speakers who understand what Muslim voters regard as important and who are campaigning to win them over. Come to learn and to share your experiences. Refreshments available (no alcohol or pork scratchings)
19.30 MEND - Muslim Engagement & Development 
The ICC : Hall 8B
Minorities And The Next Election
Speakers : Peter Oborne, Chief Political Commentator - Daily Telegraph (Chair); Sufyan Ismail, CEO - MEND - Muslim Engagement & Development; Francis Davis, Author and Fellow - ResPublica
Refreshments available (no alcohol or pork scratchings)

19.30 MEND - Muslim Engagement & Development
The ICC : Hall 8B
Minorities And The Next Election
Speakers : Peter Oborne, Chief Political Commentator - Daily Telegraph (Chair); Sufyan Ismail, CEO - MEND - Muslim Engagement & Development; Francis Davis, Author and Fellow - ResPublica
Refreshments available (no alcohol or pork scratchings)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Britain Goes To War - just like that

After whetting our appetites for conflict for the last few weeks, war is now served up on a plate to a receptive and preconditioned British public, "just like that" as the man with the fez used to say. Suggesting that we should clear out of Muslim lands and that they should return to theirs automatically categorises myself as a  dangerous extremist by those advocating Armageddon.

It used to be that British foreign policy involved a little decorum and diplomacy with war being the very last option. Now it seems to be the first preference by those who have actually created, funded, armed and trained the very people we are about to oppose.

I suspect that suggesting that we should simply pay the Arabs a fair price for their oil and gas and let them adopt their own lifestyle choice probably makes me a dangerous extremist as well. After all how is that going to prop up the dollar, destabilise Israel's neighbours and benefit the corporate interests that control the rest of our governments?

Even the ideological counter argument of our western culture, without which this war can never be won, is deemed to be extremist since it depicts white Europeans in a positive light. In such circumstances I'm actually quite envious of those incapable of joining the dots. In our temporary European demographic advantage they might at least actually feel safe for now. They can't say they were not warned though, even if the messenger, not needing a fez, was ridiculed once again as a dangerous extremist.

Friday, 26 September 2014

If you go down to the woods today..You'd better go in disguise

The Guardian scrapes the barrel this morning trying to shore up the Labour vote by quite literally abusing the misery of child rape victims. Might it not have been better for the police and the media to jump all over this and put a stop to it when we first blew the whistle? Still, who am I to ask such things eh?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

F22s and Dover

Pleased with this somewhat more realistic coverage from Russia Today concerning our ever more porous borders:

They have also listed a wide variety of reasons behind the protest, ranging from the threat from ISIS, the Ebola outbreak and to stop the entry of “rapists” and “child molesters”.

The group is also pushing the slogan: “Enough is Enough: Support our Truckers, Secure our Borders”.

While there is no explicit link to other political or activist groups, the campaign has attracted many associated with Britain’s far right political parties, including the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP).

Meanwhile the Daily Mail is running with this headline as of a couple of hours ago:

British bombing raids on ISIS could start TOMORROW night as Cameron holds War Cabinet amid surge in support for airstrikes

Among the targets on the proposed list are list are Raqqa,Tabqa, Mosul, Aleppo, Rotherham and Luton.

Guess I was right about the F22 getting a test drive over Syria as these excellent two photos from Maj. Jefferson S. Heiland of the US Air Force confirm . The first shows one plane refuelling last Tuesday but check out what the pilot has on the dashboard in the enlargement below. I wonder if RAF pilots are allowed to fly with Union Jacks like this.

Ebola and ISIS set for Port of Dover: Doctors do NOT support quarantine

Cheap, sensationalist headlines in the Dover Express obscuring  very real security and health concerns held by many ordinary British people. The journalist, who called  yesterday whilst I was chopping wood, had asked who was organising this event having not been able to find this out for himself. I then explained to him, with restrictive police actions against the right to demonstrate, why people have to operate under the radar.

Notice how nothing was printed about me condemning smoke bombs or the genuine threat of ISIS terrorists or Ebola carriers slipping into Kent and beyond.Further to this whilst coming through Calais myself on several occasions in the last 12 months, I've spoken to truckers who are fully supportive of the BNP. That may explain the need to print a divisive and disingenuous headline like the above when we should all be pulling together to defend our island...whatever the cost may be.

The BNP told the Express it expects its members to attend the protest this weekend.

Spokesman Simon Darby said: “I don’t know who’s organising it. I know we’ll be there.

“If you start saying things officially, the police put various restrictions on you.

“Sometimes it’s better to do things surreptitiously, in a clandestine way.”