Wednesday, 7 October 2015

£0.80 X 500,000

A woman says she found a lizard in a packet of bananas which she bought at a Tesco store in Shropshire.
Natasha Oliver said she took them back to the site in Shrewsbury and was given an apology and an 80p refund.

Can't fault Tesco for the ingenuity of their latest free lizard with every bunch of bananas meal deal. I do fear however, that they have somewhat preempted the dietary requirements of a rapidly changing UK population.Wonder if they got the idea from the Tory conference and their free 500,000 asylum seekers every time you are tricked into voting Conservative. Maybe duped anti-immigration voters should ask for a refund?

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Golden Arrow

Anybody else see Frankie Dettori's Agincourt celebration after he won this afternoons's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe on the English raider Golden Horn?. After denying Treve, the French favourite, a third win he turned to the Channel 4 cameras and pulled back an imaginary bowstring between his two fingers with a huge grin on his face.

You'll probably be able to see it on Channel 4 catchup by searching for today's Channel 4 Racing.  Naughty Frankie, but no wonder he is so popular in England. Wonder if anyone in the controlled media will run with it and try to demonise him. Good luck with that, 7-1, thanks mate!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Oregon Gunman "English" - no he wasn't.

Sick and tired of hearing that the Oregon gunman who shot dead ten innocent people was "English". Quite clearly, if you examine his dating profile closely, he most certainly was not. Taking into account that all the victims were white it puts a totally different complection on the story the media is trying to spin.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Corbynomics? The BNP got there first - again

Wondered just when it would be that Corbyn would be hit with the BNP stick. The Daily Mail whacked him with this on Monday and it will not be the last taste of the nationalist cane he'll be receiving. One of the rare examples of the controlled media actually quoting us on policy.

Corbynomics? The BNP got there first 
The centrepiece of so-called 'Corbynomics' is a plan for the People's Quantitative Easing, or printing money on a grand scale.
It was devised by obscure economist Richard Murphy, who says QE could be 'used to fund essential infrastructure improvements that could increase employment and create business opportunities'. 
There were similar sentiments in a 2010 election manifesto, which said: 'We would have employed at least a significant element of the new funding to create capital projects and investment in new infrastructure, which would have created real jobs.' 
Whose manifesto was it? The British National Party.

Can't help but think that in the forthcoming EU in/out referendum the SNP card is going to somehow find its way into the pack. The cleverly cultivated fear among middle England of an SNP/Labour Marxist tyranny was enough to send the country scurrying to the Conservatives.

What might play out is the possibility of linkage between withdrawal from the EU and the consequent break up of the United Kingdom. A scenario could be created whereby the SNP might be allowed to legally/morally justify a second Scottish referendum on the basis of access to EU markets and other trappings of EU membership.

The overwhelmingly nationalistic/patriotic/conservative vote for an exit would then be faced with an impossible dilemma of possibly breaking up Britain in severing the Brussels shackles. If you think this a little fanciful  it must be remembered that part of the deal with the Act of Union in the first place was to give Scotland access to the lucrative trade opportunities the fledgling British Empire was then generating.

In fact part of that Union deal was to compensate Scotland for some of the massive costs that had been incurred by Scots in trying to set up their own strategic colony in Panama in the 1690's. Three hundred plus years later similar economic arguments might be brought to bear potentially dissolving the sentimental aspects of divorce and subsequently keeping us both under the EU jackboot. Just remember where you read this first too.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Panspermia - not the Indian Restaurant Variety

My apologies for the grammatical error earlier. In my defence it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the public as a singular entity.

Forgot to mention one of those jaw-dropping anomalies while watching Ed Stafford:Into the Unknown on the Discovery Channel last night. Wanting to explore a mysterious blue lake in a remote part of the Amazon, his expedition and indeed my evening were spoilt by "indigenous people" denying him  the right to even enter their territory.

Ed took it all on the chin and rather resourcefully found another crater lake down the road. Imagine though, what the reaction of the locals would be if 20,000 illegal immigrants wanted to stay there as guests. Can't see that the TV people would fancy trying to explain away that paradox.

"Racism" or Replacement

Seems the public is beginning to notice what the BBC are up to with their simplistic emotional tyranny. Constraining the argument to suit their own ends in such a blatant, manipulative and obscene fashion. Listening to this thousands more will have understood that the bottom line is "racism" or replacement.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Know Your Enemy

The genuinely anti-British entity that Labour has now become is being ruthlessly exposed by the controlled media. Not to be unexpected by their hierarchy, there's now a fascinating shift to social media emulating the success of the SNP which we should all watch with interest. Not least of which is the subsequent inevitable undermining of traditional media outlets that Labour will now have to embark on in its defence...

As the opinion-forming vectors modernise and evolve among an increasingly computer savvy electorate they'll be plenty of opportunities for the truth to be injected. In the meantime though, as Labour tries to align itself to an expanding fifth column we can expect plenty of anti-white rhetoric with which to establish their credentials Take this example from Monday's Commons debate which includes a rather interesting confession or two:

Ruth Smeeth (Stoke-on-Trent North) (Lab): I direct the House to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. I am a proud member of the GMB and Unite trade unions and a board director of HOPE not hate. As a former trade union officer and a proud trade union MP, I am disgusted that the Government are prepared to undermine a vital component of British public life for the sake of narrow political self-interest. Let us be in no doubt that that is precisely what we are seeing here today. The Bill is not a measured approach to industrial relations; it is a vicious and unprovoked assault on the labour movement. What problem are the Secretary of State and the Prime Minster trying to fix? Have I missed a tsunami of strikes or an outbreak of trade union militancy? The answer is no.

As many of my colleagues have touched on the specific impact on industrial relations, I wish to talk about some of the wider ramifications of this legislation, in particular its impact on an issue that is close to my own heart—the vital work of challenging political extremism in British society and the role that the trade union movement has played, and continues to play, in that. It is pertinent to raise that issue now, because today marks Rosh Hashanah, when the Jewish community celebrates our new year. But for many Jews, this year’s festivities are tinged with trepidation. A recent survey showed that six out of 10 are afraid to visit a synagogue on high holy days, for fear of violence and abuse.

Those fears are not unfounded. In the latest hate crime figures released by the Metropolitan police, the number of such offences against Jews in London had increased by 93% in the last 12 months, a trend confirmed by the statistics from the Community Security Trust. Those awful figures were mirrored by increases in hate crime across society, not least in the Muslim community which saw a 70% spike.

Wes Streeting (Ilford North) (Lab): As someone who has campaigned with organisations such as HOPE not hate, is my hon. Friend as concerned as I am that the Bill will damage funding for those organisations and their vital anti-racist, anti-fascist activity?

Ruth Smeeth : I agree. There are few organisations that challenge the political fallout of those hates and fears, and I had the privilege of working for the best one—HOPE not hate. I am sure that both sides of the House would agree that the politics of hate and fear have no place in this House. But, if it were not for the work of my colleagues we may well have seen a neo-fascist British National party MP in 2010. We built broad community campaigns in areas as diverse as Barking and Dagenham, Burnley, Keighley and my city, Stoke-on-Trent, to oppose the politics of hate and celebrate the politics of hope—and we won. But the reality is that we would not have won without the financial and organisational support of the trade union movement.

Since long before the battle of Cable Street, trade unions in this country have played a part in supporting community cohesion alongside their traditional role as workplace advocates.

Can you imagine what would be said if the BNP set up a limited company to persecute and undermine its political opponents, recycling public money through the trades union movement in order to do so? The Electoral Commission and the corporate media would be all over us like a rash. Such inconsistencies don't go unnoticed.