Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Enoch's Fables?

Rather than eat my apples and cherries where they fall this wood mouse has the common sense survival instincts to drag his windfall safely back to his home. That why he can enjoy his lunch uninterrupted by kestrels or his supper disturbed by owls.

Clever eh? Made even more so in my case by having to listen for the last 25 years to people complaining about immigration then going out and voting for more. Reminds me of one of Aesop's Fable's.

A Mouse who always lived on the land, by an unlucky chance, formed an intimate acquaintance with a Frog, who lived, for the most part, in the water.
One day, the Frog was intent on mischief. He tied the foot of the Mouse tightly to his own. Thus joined together, the Frog led his friend the Mouse to the meadow where they usually searched for food. 
After this, he gradually led him towards the pond in which he lived, until reaching the banks of the water, he suddenly jumped in, dragging the Mouse with him.
The Frog enjoyed the water amazingly, and swam croaking about, as if he had done a good deed. The unhappy Mouse was soon sputtered and drowned in the water, and his poor dead body floating about on the surface. 
A Hawk observed the floating Mouse from the sky, and dove down and grabbed it with his talons, carrying it back to his nest. The Frog, being still fastened to the leg of the Mouse, was also carried off a prisoner, and was eaten by the Hawk.
"Choose your allies carefully"

Monday, 3 August 2015

Daily Mirror - BNP's Dover Pterodactyl Cloning Shocker

Briefly starting the week away from politics and for once news of welcome visitors to Britain. Wales to be specific where I was delighted last week to hear that killer whales have been spotted off the Teifi estuary. If that wasn't enough to keep you out of the water then this thresher ought to do the job.

Maybe that's the answer, a shark reintroduction programme for the Channel and vampire bats in the Tunnel. Perhaps we could clone a pterodactyl colony for the white cliffs of Dover to add retrospective biological control to the UK Border Agency's arsenal?

In the meantime whilst I'm sure my readers are capable of thinking of all kinds of suitable variants to the above proposal, here's a good news orca story from Canada last week.


Sunday, 2 August 2015

UK Liberals Chumming for Economic Predators

Watching the footage from France, I don't seem to remember any reticence from either the French or British police when handling football supporters. Ripping down fences and other anti-social acts would instantly result in tear gas, baton charges, packs of vicious, snapping hounds, probably a cavalry charge or two, then jail followed by immediate deportation.

Such is the modern-day contrast in dealing with Europeans and non-whites in the Western world. It's not that often this inverse racism plays itself out so graphically in a physical manifestation. The precursor of this sickness, that of a sustained ethnocidal psychological assault, is however omnipresent.

For an  example check out the self-loathing white liberal garbage offered in the Observer this morning as they put their own twisted slant on the Calais crisis.

"Pressure on Cameron also grew with the deputy mayor of Calais, Philippe Mignonet, branding the prime minister “racist” and Labour’s acting leader, Harriet Harman, revealing that she had written to Cameron accusing him of using “incendiary and divisive language”. She called on him to demand compensation from France for hauliers, holidaymakers and truckers affected by the chaos.

In other signs of the unease towards Britain’s approach to the issue, the UN special representative on migration, Peter Sutherland, said Britain’s attitude towards the crisis suggested the lessons of Nazism had not been learnt."

Of course the Church of England, happy to expel and ostrasise BNP members, had to get in on the act with the Bishop of Dover stating:

We’ve become an increasingly harsh world, and when we become harsh with each other and forget our humanity then we end up in these standoff positions,” he said. “We need to rediscover what it is to be a human, and that every human being matters.”

Transposing this mental illness and attaching to it a suitable analogy first thing on a Sunday morning is not an easy task. However, let's think of it in fishing terms, with a river of liberal chum flowing out of Dover, down the English Channel to darkest Africa and beyond. Then we ask ourselves why we are attracting so many economic predators.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Calais - don't blame the French- look closer to home, a lot closer.

Just bumped into the Prime Minister down at B&Q struggling with a trolley absolutely full of fencing. I told him that judging by their propensity towards climbing, he might want to add a couple of 10KW generators and some jump leads.

Unfortunately he didn't take my comments too well snarling, "when I want advice from the BNP I'll ask for it." "Should have listened to us a long time ago" was my reply. I did offer to pay for the generators in exchange for the exclusive video rights, but he didn't see the funny side of it. Had a bit of a go at him about his "swarm" terminology as well, pointing out the vital role bees play in providing the world with food but he seemed to be in a rush to get down to Dover.

Meanwhile in France polls show that Marine Le Pen has an excellent chance of becoming President in twenty two months time. Last time I spoke to her, in Strasbourg last Summer, I told her how visible her campaign was whilst driving through her country from Calais. She seemed very pleased to hear that.

With regime change on the way, can't say the chances for all those "migrant workers" look too good in post-2017 France. I don't have to point out where they are all likely to end up either. Wonder how the British public are going to digest the consequences of, unlike the French, running away like cowards every time someone shouts the word "racist".

Friday, 31 July 2015

Calais - latest shocking video

Looks like I'm going to have to get a class 10 SD card for my new wildlife camera as it doesn't seem to be catching much action. The one I've got in there at the moment dates back to my days working down at the GLA.

Meanwhile the situation in Calais is deteriorating rapidly as this latest video, shot in the early hours of this morning, graphically demonstrates. Good for the out of the EU campaign though with the referendum approaching fast.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

BNP - UK charities to be charged by police for aiding & abetting Calais illegal immigrants?

If the likes of you and I were to engage in assisting criminals we would most probably be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting. According to the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861 -

Whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel, or procure the commission of any indictable offence, whether the same be an offence at common law or by virtue of any Act passed or to be passed, shall be liable to be tried, indicted, and punished as a principal offender.

With this in mind can someone please explain why the police are not arresting and charging all of those refugee charity workers for what they are doing for the thousands of predatory, single male illegal immigrants down in Calais?

Perhaps the Charity Commission could explain why they also don't seem to want to enforce this particular aspect of their code of conduct either:

Deciding to carry out or knowingly supporting any activities that would be criminal, illegal, or otherwise improper for a charity would amount to misconduct on the part of the trustees.

BNP members and supporters should be on the line to the police to put in an official complaint as I finish typing.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Labour Lord on Asian women - "They sort of look innocent but you know they're whores"

Can't imagine Labour Lord John Sewel's secretly recorded remark about Asian women is going to do their vote in that sector much good. "Baron Sewel was also caught saying he wanted an Asian prostitute to join them, adding: 'They sort of look innocent but you know they're whores. That's a really nice combination isn't it?"

That's one of the reasons, and there's more to come, Labour spokesmen will be working frantically this morning to distance themselves from the disgraced peer.Splashing public money on cocaine and hookers is one thing but the racially aggravated denigration of your core support is another.

Looks like he didn't like white people either as the first 20 seconds of this recent speech demonstrates. The difference is that the anti-white racism gets you the job in the first place.