Friday, 22 May 2015

In a New York minute...

Not an uninteresting item contained in yesterday's Liverpool Echo especially since they don't appear to have doctored the corresponding comments - yet.You can expect more of this now the power structure has made good use of UKIP.

Should the public not lose its bottle again, we'll be out of the EU soon, with the referendum clock now relentlessly ticking, UKIP will be left with no purpose (and no Euro funding) - rather like one of those male spiders  devoured by the female after mating.

I heard Miliband arrived safely on his home planet late last night. A week or so in hyperspace under cryogenic storage powered with one of those new batteries thoughtfully donated by Tesla.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Skewed System

4 million votes and just one MP, not exactly very fair. One wonders if the BNP had had such a fair wind, saturation media coverage,front page tabloid endorsement and had not had our internal problems. Somebody would have had the job of explaining just all of that effort and expense could translate into just one out of the six hundred and fifty MPs. In other words 12.6% of the total vote rewards you with 0.15% representation.

Friday, 8 May 2015


Huge BNP social media assault on Labour pays dividends.

Miliband to return to home planet this weekend

The true deceitful ugliness of Labour was personified in Miliband, at least Cameron, for all his faults, actually looks the part, as opposed to a visitor from another galaxy. A promised EU referendum will mean we'll be out of the EU very soon unless it is fixed too.

You have to admire the way the Tories played the neo-Jacobite spectre of Scottish Marxists crossing the border to team up with Labour in order to shaft the English middle class. The SNP, for all their bluster, are now effectively superfluous having played their overall part in suppressing Labour to a tee. That will slowly dawn on them once they've finished their jig on Scottish Labour's grave.

As for the Lib Dems, Clegg doesn't even have the comfort of the option of resigning since there's no longer anyone left to replace him. Meanwhile in my old stomping ground of Dudley North it looks like the Conservatives would have won if they had selected local man Les Jones in the first place instead of inflicting Afzal Amin on the electorate. Not clever.

Payback Time

Analysing the results as they continue to come in this morning I'm so, so glad we didn't contest this election on a large scale. Looks like our big operation to depress the Labour vote will be rewarded by the sight of Miliband resigning within a few days as the true scale of their failure and rejection sinks in. Every little helps.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

Good luck to all BNP candidates tomorrow - total respect for putting your heads above the parapet and saying what most people are too afraid to say. You get the feeling however that times could change very rapidly with a society constructed around what is nothing more than virtual reality.

I'd like to think my recent encounter with Andrew Neil on the BBC helped a little. It certainly opened the eyes of a few people previously unable to even begin to comprehend that white Europeans have rights too and the subtle methods in play to suppress our fundamental right to an identity.

Whilst we wait for the population to wake up the good news is that other than the SMP (Scottish Marxist Party) everyone else is going to be licking their wounds and counting their expenses come Friday morning. Hopefully the huge amount of work we've been doing on revealing the true nature of the Labour Party will bear fruit.

Ironically the distinct possibility of consigning Miliband &Co to the recycling bin could result in a far larger electoral influence in 2015 than if we had put up 600 candidates across the country. If that proves to be the case I just wonder how many of our leftist detractors would have wished that our time and effort could have been put into something a little more positive. Strange the way things work out at times.

Friday, 1 May 2015

BNP v BBC on Daily Politics

Warm up to this weekend's Mayweather v Pacquiao fight as I trade blows once again with Andrew Neil live  on the Daily Politics this afternoon. A below the belt swipe concerning "racist bile" countered with a couple of swift right hooks on the realities of the virulent anti-white racism endemic at the BBC. Stopped after just 5 mins.