Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Labour's Kids For Votes Scandal Latest Video

As the Kids For Votes scandal continues to grow the Labour Party desperately tries to distance itself by suspending four of its  top Rotherham politicians this morning. The mood on the street ain't too pretty though, just listen to how the interviewer succinctly extracts the true magnitude of what the people of the town have had to sacrifice in order to enjoy the benefits of enforced diversity.

Punished For Speaking Truth To Power

Here's the West Yorkshire Police interpretation of the grooming scandal as you'll see just what good old "Dave" has been up to in the region. About as reflective of the demographic reality of the situation as their campaign leaflet. Just look at all those white hands, maybe the hand actually gagging the victim should be in a police uniform?

Meanwhile the paedophile-infested BBC must have felt compelled to scramble together a special Panorama programme on the Rotherham scandal last night. Trying desperately to salvage some moral high ground our state broadcaster told us of a council worker who had tried to tell everyone what was happening but instead was ostracised, undermined and subject to a hate campaign against her by various council officials.

Ten years ago to the very day the BBC  screened the BAFTA-nominated "Panorama Secret Agent" programme concerning the BNP and how we warned against Islamic terrorism and child rape. You will remember the next morning the producer, Karen Wightman appeared on BBC Breakfast News and told the nation that a file had been passed to West Yorks Police and that she hoped the CPS would press charges.

Only it wasn't the paedophiles and Jihadists she wanted locked up it was the people warning about them. It seems incredible now, almost as incredible as the fact that the very same woman was the executive producer of last night's hypocritical damage limitation farce.

All of this because the power structure didn't want the BNP getting more votes and even now with thousands of children raped and tortured they still don't have the moral integrity to admit it.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Apep & Prep

My back has nearly recovered but I'm still having to take it easy. It just goes to show you what you take for granted and it really makes me feel sorry for people with permanent disabilities.

News reaches me that the situation in Libya has now reached a critical level bordering on total anarchy. It's a good job there's no Americans left in the US Embassy in Tripoli as one of the local armed militia now calls it home having overrun it last night.

Just up the road in Morocco the situation is not quite so bad but remains very tense after locals clashed with Sub-Saharan illegal immigrants in Tangier, over the weekend. There was at least one fatality and this video gives us a taste of what our major cities will look like in a few years time if we don't wake up. Off to watch Doomsday Preppers now; a fascinating programme that gives more traction by the day!

Go for it Eamonn

Just watched an obviously furious Eamonn Holmes roast the Pakistani Muslim Chief Executive of Barnados, Javed Khan in this Sky News interview. Wish they could have been in the same room, as Mr Holmes makes him fight for every penny of his £150,000 pa salary. When he was appointed head of the UK's leading children's charity it made the headlines of the Pakistan International News. Laughing stock of the entire world we are.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

MoS No Show

Couldn't see anything regarding a recognition or apology in the Mail On Sunday. However, looks like the FTSE will be down as Britain's Jihadist export capacity and flourishing trade in white children may be damaged by future police action.


Despite being intoxified by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and lying sideways all afternoon I still managed to secure a 16-1 winner in the 2:55 at Chester as Ocean Tempest paid for my Sunday dinner. Unfortunately the football didn't go too well at all with Everton's apparent home value dissipating within eight minutes.

I am going to have to check out the printed version of the Mail on Sunday to see if we get a mention in the Mail on Sunday following on from their reporter's interview of Marlene Guest in Rotherham this week. The online edition appears to completely blank us and instead heavily promote UKIP.

If that is the case then what a class act the Daily Mail is eh? Deceiving an unwell, old aged pensioner into giving information on a campaign she has mounted for years only to use that to promote a totally separate organisation. Let's hope I'm apologising to the newspaper later once I have read the hard copy.

Another Yorkshire memory I'd like to share with you from about ten years ago concerns a local election campaign in one of the mill towns. Naturally enough part of our campaign focus was on the issue of grooming or racially-motivated child rape and prostitution as we are now allowed to call it.

A senior BNP official at the time, Nick Cass, had told me earlier that I should watch out for the local police as they were incredibly hostile. He told me that the Chief Constable at the time, Colin Cramphorn, when confronted by local people about exactly what he was going to do about their children being drugged and raped turned around and coldly told them - "you'll just have to put up with it".

At the time I couldn't believe it but within three hours of arriving in the ward to be contested I had no doubt whatsoever that this was the truth. BNP campaign workers were being repeatedly stopped by police and asked to give their names and addresses and an explanation as to why they were in the area. After they tired of this little trick I personally observed police officers go into local pubs and tell the landlords that if they let us use the facilities then they would have their licences removed.

Looking back it is little wonder that they didn't want anyone exposing the depths of corruption and depravity to which they had descended. One local resident even told me that sex tourists were being flown in from Pakistan.

We did our best to highlight what was going on back then and it was my idea to put the scandal into one of our 2004 European Election Broadcasts to make the police take action. However, our Channel Five initiative was thwarted by West Yorkshire Police who forced the broadcaster to ban it along with a Channel 4 documentary on the basis that it would boost our vote and presumably enhance our position to expose their corruption. You don't believe me?

Channel Five announced today that it had pulled a British National Party election broadcast scheduled for this evening that was based on the Channel 4 documentary cancelled on police advice last week, fearing it would ignite racial hatred.
The five minute broadcast, due to go out tonight at 5.55pm, has been pulled from the schedules by Five after the broadcaster said it breached its programme code.
It features the mother of a 13-year-old girl who claims that her daughter was drugged and gang raped by Asian men in Keighley, West Yorkshire.
The election broadcast was based on claims in Channel 4 documentary Edge of the City, which claimed that Asian men in Bradford were targeting white girls as young as 11 for sex and drug abuse.
Last week the documentary was pulled from the schedules at the last minute by Channel 4 on the advice of West Yorkshire police, who feared it would stir up racial hatred ahead of the local and European elections on June 10.
The far right party, which has a record number of candidates standing in the area, hit out at the police for the decision and swiftly filmed the election broadcast in response.
"Having viewed the European parliamentary election broadcast submitted by the BNP, Five has taken the decision not to transmit it as we feel it is likely to stir up racial hatred, as prohibited by the existing programme code," said a Channel Five spokesman.
The Channel Five broadcast is one of five that the BNP is permitted to show in England, Scotland and Wales this week under Electoral Commission rules. The Scottish version was shown last night and the BBC is due to show the main English broadcast tonight on BBC2.
The film made for Channel Five was the only one to feature the specific allegations about Asian men grooming white girls in the Yorkshire area. A BNP spokesman accused Channel Five of "censorship" and said that the party was being denied freedom of speech "on the whims of the broadcasting companies".
In the banned election broadcast, the West Yorkshire police are accused of "politically correct censorship" for asking Channel 4 not to show the original film.
It opens with a picture of a West Yorkshire police flag and the words: "It's official. West Yorkshire police chief Colin Cramphorn admits that he pressured Channel 4 to postpone the shocking expose about paedophile gangs targeting young white girls in Bradford because he thought it would have even more people like you voting for the BNP".

Just a few months later, following complaints by the BBC, West Yorks Police were kicking down our doors and trying to send us to prison for "using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred." The rest of course is history, but to this day no BNP member is allowed to join any police force in the UK. Wonder why?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

The British - "would rather have their little girls raped and killed than be called a racist"

Rediscovering a long lost stash of Dicolofenac tablets was still not enough for me to make the running at the Rotherham day of action today, but I am definately on the mend. Dr Darby has suggested that I stay in and watch the racing on Channel 4 today and who am I to object?

I spoke at length to Marlene Guest yesterday who, in turn, has spoken at length to one of the Sunday newspapers. She has told the reporter everything, including how Rotherham Council were covering up the scandal by paying to send girls and their families to live in other parts of the country.

It sounds almost like some kind of Medieval banishment with the victims having to be uprooted whilst the rape gangs were left to prey on their child victims with impunity. Since I have a good memory I'd like to tell you a little more about the Leeds Crown Court trials around 2006. During those trials, that I attended virtually every day, I used to look at the three representatives of the CPS and West Yorkshire Police sat opposite me.

As it happens they could never bring themselves to look back at me and now I know why. The reality was that these people were well aware of what was going in the county but were busily engaged in trying to put BNP members in prison for seven years, for, amongst other things, abridging the nationality of the rapists (the phrase "P*k* Street Thug").

Think about that for a minute. One community is allowed to rape, torture and prostitute the children of another community in full view of the authorities. On the other hand the victim community, should they not refer to the rapists by their correct nationality whilst complaining about their crimes, is threatened with prolonged incarceration.

It really is hard to believe that we have sunk so low and it is little wonder outsiders, used to our proud history, now see us as something to pity. However, unlike ninety-odd percent of the population, myself and most probably others reading this have the right to laugh too. The shame isn't ours.