Sunday, 19 April 2015

Labour's Drone Canvassers Captured On Video

Signs of desperation in the Labour camp yesterday with the coordinated nuclear option delivered with the help of their friends at the Guardian. As they realise they are not going to win this election this move equates to selling off the family silver. It is now official that anyone who has concerns about immigration is by default a "racist".

From a voter interchangeability level the equation is now as such UKIP = BNP and likewise, BNP = UKIP. Politically reckless in the longer term since one might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.

Meanwhile this little piece of footage is quite useful in identifying the utter contempt that Labour has for anyone who doesn't share their viewpoint. Arrogantly prowling the streets,seemingly unable to string a few sentences together, seeking out victims for their predatory, self-loathing and dehumanising emotional blackmail cult of egalitarian mediocrity.

Labour party canvassing

Posted by Johnny Touchpaper on Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Out of the mouths of babes

I remember debating in Stoke with Labour's Tristram Hunt live on BBC Radio during the last general election. He didn't quite know what to say when, having used the "r" word against me, I stated, " you know, for an upper middle-class historian you're very rude."

He didn't really know how to respond to this little lad either when he said he stated, in a broad Derby accent accent, that he wanted to get all the foreigners out of the country. Surprised he wasn't sent off to the local juvenile corrective institute or given compulsory diversity training.

With Lord Janner thrown into the mix, today's TV news hasn't been too clever for Labour.  Can't see anyone from that organisation saying how utterly appalling this decision by the CPS really is either.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lessons from the past

Watching Game of Thrones last night I couldn't help but feel a sense of déjà vu as Mance Rayder, King of the Wildlings, refused to kneel before Stannis Baratheon  and was burnt at the stake as a consequence. A bit like us in the BNP who refuse to bow before this multi-culti, egalitarian, self-loathing white liberal claptrap.

It was a case of roles reversed this afternoon though as I roasted an unsuspecting journalist from the Independent deviously trying to supplement his poison by pretending to be interested in the unbelievable bias loaded against our Party. We'll see what he has to report,if anything at all.

Just maybe he'll print the fact that I corrected him on an assertion that we blame the mainstream media when instead it is the public's lack of understanding of what the mainstream media actually is that does the damage.

It wasn't too much different in Poldark's time as the BBC to their credit actually manage to get across. A lavish, superbly acted and well-filmed adventure back into our social history with the cruel exploitation of the British folk by a corrupt gang of megalomaniacs at its centre. Reassuring in one sense but pitiful in another with a truly beautiful theme tune that makes we want to go fishing!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Ugly Truths

Adam was interviewed by ITV whist campaigning in Rotherham over the weekend. A routine piece apparently filmed on the streets of the racially-motivated child rape capital of Western and quite possibly Eastern Europe if that is not too oxymoronic a sentence.

I had the same lot on to me this morning wanting further coverage so I asked them bluntly why we were not invited to the recent ITV leaders debate. According to them despite the fact that we achieved many more votes than two of the other parties involved, OFCOM insisted that we were to be banned.

Having asked them to send me some proof by email, I'm still waiting and most probably my mailbox will not be troubled. I don't think the ITV girl enjoyed talking to me as she tried the carrot and stick approach by implying that we needed the coverage to get a good vote. " So that we can be consequently forbidden to be involved in any subsequent debates as a reward for our success" was not the kind of answer she was either used to or expecting.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

There's a hole in your democracy

One or two interesting conversations with journalists to tell you about as they come to terms with the fact that their pantomime villain cash cow has refused to be abused this time around. "Where were you when the BNP wasn't invited to the recent televised debate between the party leaders? Not one of you in the mainstream media had the decency to point out our omission, well before close of nominations".

This handy little graphic illustrates my point with it not being too tasking to figure out which party, unlike all the others, was never allowed to be even considered to take part in any televised debate whatsoever despite hammering the Greens and the SNP last time around.

"So is it that the BNP has withdrawn from the democratic process?" said one hack on Friday, "and what democratic process would that be ? " was the reply.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

To Russia With Love

Just been indulging in some traditional Easter behaviour like watching the Pegida demonstration down in London. One or two familiar people from the Midlands I recognised seemed to be enjoying the day out.  I don't mean from the anti-white brigade either, since they don't even have the integrity to demonstrate without covering their faces.

RTV seemed to have switched to a pro-Islam/asylum seeker stance all of a sudden. How about them all going to Russia, problem solved then eh Harry?


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Northern Monkeys (£500 deposits!)

Not wanting to discriminate against candidates in the north west I'll provide this link to compliment those I've already highlighted for London seats. I'm reminded to do so by the BBC lunchtime news which appears to be based out of Bangladesh nowadays as opposed to Manchester judging by the those both presenting and contributing as spokesmen.

I'll be on the BBC again soon, let's hope I don't get caught in the Last Night At the Proms crowds. All those ethnic minorities rushing to and from the event, or was what I've just seen on TV a politically incorrect April 1st offering?

For those of you not understanding the "monkey business" title of my last blog, it referred of course to the £500 deposit in London slang for one of our candidates in the capital. This video will, I'm afraid, only add to the confusion but since this is my blog and I find it highly amusing it's going up.