Friday, 24 October 2014

Not too choughed

Busy day yesterday but still managed to get in a couple of hours of birding. Such a great shame I can't get paid to watch mistle thrushes jostling over yew berries and bullfinches busy devouring the fruit of rowan trees. Here's the cast in full, not necessarily in order of appearance:

Peregrine Falcon
Red Kite
Blue Tit
Great Tit
Mistle Thrush
Wood Pigeon
Pied Wagtail
Carrion Crow
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Thankfully, whilst also encountering fallow deer and rabbits, the Ebola virus didn't quite make my checklist. Perhaps if I'd have been in New York I'd have been less fortunate since another so-called medical professional has needlessly endangered his fellow citizens with his crazed and misguided altruism.

Questions were nonetheless being asked this morning after it emerged that the patient had travelled in taxis and on the underground system since his return to the US on 17th October and had gone bowling in Brooklyn.

In case  Dr. Craig Spencer hadn't noticed, whilst white people are apparently expendable nowadays, there are about 2 million black Americans resident in New York. Can't imagine they're going to be too chuffed or the 2.3 million Hispanics and 800,000 Asians. Neither will New York's tourist board be enamoured by the medical profession's deranged ethnomasochism and reckless societal self-harming in the name of charity and Pavlovian "anti-racism".

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Celebrating the ethnic cleansing of London's white population

Off to Barking & Dagenham again this evening as the local newspaper runs an almost Soviet-era propaganda piece about a new taxpayer-funded political mural.

Continuing through almost a century of change, Mahatma Ghandi’s 1931 trip to Kingsley Hall and a seldom-known visit of the Hitler Youth in 1938 are also featured, along with the Blitz, Dagenham carnivals and strikes of the ‘70s.

Entering the 21st Century, the mural paints a picture of the borough’s diverse community uniting to oust the British National Party in 2010, before finishing with children playing together in one of the estate’s open spaces.

Haven't seen it but would imagine that part in green is portrayed by thousands of African migrants disembarking from planes and boats towards the council offices. From there it should show Labour Party officials with rosettes signing them up with postal votes and bribing them with benefits payments for doing so. The birds sang, children played in the streets, the media pretended that it wasn't happening and everyone lived happily ever after.

Fed Up.... with self-loathing white liberals

There's still a big problem with Ebola in certain West African countries but the media are playing it down for fears a resulting panic might infect the western economies. If the WHO are playing it straight, the next set of infection stats from Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea will tell us whether or not those counties have a future as we know them.

Meanwhile, somewhat closer to home and after switching off "Homeland" for good in disgust, I managed to find the time to watch "Fed Up", a documentary about processed food. A real eye opener and I ended up having a completely different opinion on obesity, feeling really sorry for the three white, black and Hispanic kids featured.

I remember talking to some black Americans about the subject a few years back and they told me that it was really difficult to get fresh food in their neighbourhoods owing to the limitations of the distribution network. As a consequence a lot of the less affluent areas only have processed food in their shops.

You can see the same kind of food class system developing over here and as a consequence I am embarking on another dietary experiment beginning next Monday. From that date, for at least 7 days, it is going to be nothing but fresh produce with no added sugar or any other unnatural ingredients. We'll see what happens.

No surprise that Bill Oddie never got back to me. I hear he has a downer on grey squirrels now . Bill you should know they are exactly the same as reds just with different colour fur.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bill Oddie - Hypocrite

After his disgusting anti-British outburst on Sunday wonder if he'll manage to give us all an answer?


Mention in the Daily Mail this morning as the man who tried unsuccessfully to have me locked up for not sharing his political viewpoint criticises intolerance and extremism. If he does stand for re-election in Nottingham next May, I'll be making sure that he fails albeit indirectly.

Currently have two sets of weather monitoring software observing the passing of what was once Hurricane Gonzalo. So far my maximum gust speed is 23.3 mph, achieved about an hour ago. With many trees still in leaf I hope that's all it can muster.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Zac Goldsmith - "I could switch to the BNP..."

Been away from my computer for a day or so taking a rest from researching the mathematics of the Ebola outbreak. As a consequence I inadvertently collided with something on the TV I would never normally watch. Just five minutes of Strictly Come Dancing and its clumsy, deliberate racial loading was enough for me, finalised by Jurassic Park ripples in my wine glass when one contestant took to the floor.

Meanwhile, I am sure I have read something like this before and seem to recall the same obvious mistake that Mr Goldsmith made in his logic. That being, we would have to let him join in the first place? To which the answer will probably never be known.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Union parasites suffer curse of BNP

Something quite amusing from Barking & Dagenham as parts of London slip towards third world status. Not being able to make ends meet after all of that enrichment, how can it be?

That Serbia/Albania drone video certainly took some beating, but this video from a Russian trawler manages to do it. Fancy reeling something like that in, closest I ever got was a huge line bite from big male grey seal in the North Sea which bent my rod double.