Saturday, 30 August 2014

The British - "would rather have their little girls raped and killed than be called a racist"

Rediscovering a long lost stash of Dicolofenac tablets was still not enough for me to make the running at the Rotherham day of action today, but I am definately on the mend. Dr Darby has suggested that I stay in and watch the racing on Channel 4 today and who am I to object?

I spoke at length to Marlene Guest yesterday who, in turn, has spoken at length to one of the Sunday newspapers. She has told the reporter everything, including how Rotherham Council were covering up the scandal by paying to send girls and their families to live in other parts of the country.

It sounds almost like some kind of Medieval banishment with the victims having to be uprooted whilst the rape gangs were left to prey on their child victims with impunity. Since I have a good memory I'd like to tell you a little more about the Leeds Crown Court trials around 2006. During those trials, that I attended virtually every day, I used to look at the three representatives of the CPS and West Yorkshire Police sat opposite me.

As it happens they could never bring themselves to look back at me and now I know why. The reality was that these people were well aware of what was going in the county but were busily engaged in trying to put BNP members in prison for seven years, for, amongst other things, abridging the nationality of the rapists (the phrase "P*k* Street Thug").

Think about that for a minute. One community is allowed to rape, torture and prostitute the children of another community in full view of the authorities. On the other hand the victim community, should they not refer to the rapists by their correct nationality whilst complaining about their crimes, is threatened with prolonged incarceration.

It really is hard to believe that we have sunk so low and it is little wonder outsiders, used to our proud history, now see us as something to pity. However, unlike ninety-odd percent of the population, myself and most probably others reading this have the right to laugh too. The shame isn't ours.

Friday, 29 August 2014

South Yorks Slave Market Update - Spot Prices, Latest Sales

Several times Rotherham BNP's Marlene Guest contacted both the Rotherham Advertiser and the Sheffield & Rotherham Star about the child rape epidemic in the town. Nothing was ever printed and at one stage South Yorkshire Police actually threatened to arrest the OAP for inciting racial hatred.

The UK's controlled media still has not summoned up the courage to admit that the BNP was right all along about Rotherham and elsewhere in the UK. No surprise there as any confession on their behalf will put them well and truly in the realms of aiding and abetting. Consequently once again we find we have to cross not the Don or the Rother, but the Atlantic to inject some kind of political reality into the scandal

Wall Street Journal
Julie Bindel, a feminist campaigner who has investigated the phenomenon of girls being exploited by groups of Pakistani Muslim men, says she has long found herself battling the cultural sensitivities of officialdom. In 2008, when she wrote about the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl in Blackpool in northwest England who had reportedly been exploited by South Asian gangs, Ms. Bindel was told by police and social services that they were "treading carefully" when it came to naming the suspected perpetrators because they did not want to provoke a "race riot."
"I argued, as an antiracist, that it was important that this issue was not pushed under the carpet, because if it were, then the likes of the [far-right] British National Party would colonize the story for its own ends," Ms. Bindel tells me. "But much of the liberal press were scared to name this particular phenomenon," she says.
So this is more than a story of opportunistic men taking advantage of vulnerable girls from a poor, postindustrial town. It speaks to the elevation of offense-avoidance above everything else, even the basic civilized requirement to protect the vulnerable. This is why the Rotherham story has rattled so many. They feel that the abuse is partly a consequence of the moral cowardice of modern-day politicos more concerned with appearing right-on than doing what is right.

Global Post
The discussion around race and whether it’s relevant to reports of these crimes has divided people within and outside of Britain’s South Asian communities.
Early reports of the crimes were seized upon by far-right groups like the British National Party and their sympathizers, who saw the crimes as fallout of Britain’s immigration policy.
That made people even more reluctant to probe a cause associated with unsavory figures like BNP head Nick Griffin, who once claimed that Muslims were spreading Islam in Europe by impregnating white girls.

Meanwhile the fallout from the Rotherham crisis is beginning to spread as the Sikh community moves quickly to distance themselves. Since they are not to blame it is only right and proper that we allow them to do so.

Labour MP - "Their contribution helped to make Rotherham the town it is today"

Whilst my back is better, it still needs rest and it is doubtful whether or not I shall be up in Rotherham for the day of action on Saturday. I had no idea just how much I relied on the ligaments and muscles in that part of my body, but I certainly do now.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party owned Mirror group breaks with tradition and gives us a headline straight out of the Voice of Freedom. In keeping with their policy of appeasement you might have thought that a call for the lowering of the age of consent legislation for certain ethnic groups might have been more in keeping.
Strange to think is it not that just a few years earlier, at the very time when young kids were being tortured and raped, this was the kind of headline awaiting those prepared to blow the whistle?

All that hatred and vitriol just for asking for rights and justice for the British people. Odd then that straight after the 2012 Svay Pak by-election, when the BNP came third beating the Tories with 8.4% , Labour's newly elected MP Sarah Champion demanded much the same thing in her maiden Westminster speech:

Many of those proud to call Rotherham home are of Kashmiri descent and their relatives came to Rotherham to work in the steel industry or mines in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Their contribution helped to make Rotherham the town it is today, which is why I will stand firmly with them in support of Kashmir’s right to self-determination.

A cynic might think that there were other issues with that particular community going on at the time rather closer to home which she might have shed a little light on. Still one must not bite the hand that feeds.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rotherham - Welcome To Our World

I remember once watching a programme on TV concerning black Americans travelling to Africa in search of their ancestors who were slaves. Contaminated with slave-guilt propaganda intended for the white population they really were under the impression that wicked Europeans had flushed their kin from a jungle paradise.

When the reality hit and they were told that it was fellow black people that enslaved and sold on their own for the plantations some of them were overcome with emotion and broke down in tears. I mention this in the light of the revelation that the political establishment, the majority of whom are white, has just been exposed for selling some 1400 Rotherham children into multiculturalism.

Some of that establishment, most notably journalists and politicians, are now acting with surprise as to the true reality of the vile trade their profession has been perpetuating and sustaining. For in corrupting the democratic system and marginalising and ostracising those who speak the truth about the intricacies of modern, multiracial Britain, those pimping the multicultural fantasy are really no better than slave traders.

The Labour Party, in particular, is mired in shame over “cultural sensitivity” in Rotherham. Especially, cynics might point out, a sensitivity to the culture of Muslims whose votes they don’t want to lose. Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, actually admitted to the BBC’s World At One that “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that. Perhaps, yes, as a true Guardian reader and liberal Leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.” Much better to hang on to your impeccable liberal credentials than save a few girls from being raped, eh, Denis?
Equally horrifying is the suggestion that certain Pakistani councillors asked social workers to reveal the addresses of the shelters where some of the abused girls were hiding. The former deputy leader of the council, Jahangir Akhtar, is accused of “ignoring a politically inconvenient truth” by insisting there was not a deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. The inquiry was told that influential Pakistani councillors acted as “barriers to communication” on grooming issues.
Front-line youth workers who submitted reports in 2002, 2003 and 2006 expressing their alarm at the scale of the child sex-offending say the town hall told them to keep quiet about the ethnicity of the perpetrators in the interests of “community cohesion”.

However, finally we seem to be on the verge of some form of reality-check, but just in case this type of honesty is some kind of stop-gap measure in order to placate the victim community, there's something I'd like to ask. What on earth do you think is going to happen when Muslims are the majority in this country and do you think your middle-class status is going to keep you and yours safe then? Or, to put it another way, given the choice, would you rather be labelled an Islamophobe or have your children turned into drug-addicted prostitutes? Welcome to our world.

Rotherham Cop Shop

Rotherham Police Station not long ago.

Rotherham - Yorkshire's Svay Pak

From Wikipedia - Rotherham is internationally infamous for its collection of shanties, brothels, and karaoke bars that exploit young English women, and children as young as five. Despite claims that child prostitution has been shut down in Rotherham, Dateline NBC has made several trips there in the 2000s and has proved that child prostitution is still rampant in Rotherham, reports include footage of alleged child prostitutes.The story resulted in an undercover sting and several arrests, but many pimps did not cooperate with undercover cops and the Rotherham brothels still exist.

While a majority of adult sex workers came to Rotherham voluntarily, children make up most of the population of sex workers that came to Rotherham involuntarily. Sold by families or neighbors in severe poverty, kidnapped off the streets, tricked into working in the sex trade, children are the shame as well as financial pride of Rotherham. Brothels are able to get away with abusing the children and keeping all of their earnings in order to pay for the cost of taking care of them. Children are serviced out to customers for many days at a time for a fee and are usually not given a choice in regards to safe sex. Some child sex workers have reported being gang-raped and mentally abused at the hands of their clients. Those that are lucky enough to escape are in a limbo about what to do next. Many are too ashamed to return home or cannot return home because they have no evidence of nationality (British victims). Others see their salvation in marrying the foreigners they had sex with. They write love letters to their clients in hopes that one day they will return and give them social, economic, and physical security. 

Not surprisingly, with just one current major exception, Britain's controlled media is somewhat embarrassed to ask the BNP for its response to the inevitable fruition of years of enforced diversity.In fact you have to go to the pages of a regional German newspaper to find anything that reflects the fact that we were right and everybody else was wrong.

As the Labour MP Ann Cryer publicly addressed the issue in 2003 and tried to start a campaign to remedy the situation, was met by her fierce criticism. The police were concerned that the relations with the Muslim community would be poisoned. And Cryers party friends were horrified that their campaign could play the right-wing racists of the British National Party in the hands. So there was a culture of silence and looking the other way.

Inevitably the rest of the world is beginning to reappraise their impressions of our green and pleasant land as we learn the hard way that you either do politics or it will do  you.

It beggars belief how sick and corrupt so many English people have become. My God, you let men rape and torture your daughters, but don’t dare say anything because somebody, somewhere, might call you a racist, or a fellow traveller with the BNP?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

In this big world I'm lonely, for I am but small. I fear I am broken and won't mend, I know.Who now will sing me lullabies?

Dear Mr Darby,

Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request regarding your concerns over the demographic stratification of the population of Rotherham. In the new spirit of openness and transparency following on from Professor Alexis Jay's report, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council can confirm that the following caste system is currently in force:

- Jat: Landowners & Imams
- Brahmin: Priests
- Rajput: Princes and drug barons.
- Members of Parliament
- Arian & Jihadists:
- Local Councillors
- Shaikhs: High Tradesmen
- Journalists, Council Officers and Social Workers
- Kakayzai: Tradesmen.
- Police Officers
- Qazi:
- Pathan:
- Gujar: Herdsmen, and lesser landowners.
- Tarhan: Carpenters.
- Qamyar: Potters.
- Kassaï: Butchers.
- Mirassi: Travelling musicians, troubadours.
- Mautchi: Shoe-makers.
- Tobi: Launderers.
- Sudras : unskilled
- Darzi: Dressmakers.
- Jalaye: Tisserands.
- Lahari: Dyers.
- Mashqi: Water carriers.
- Harijans: untouchables, outcasts
- White Working Class

Thank you for your interest.

Vanessa Lloyd-Cooper

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Striving towards diversity,tolerance and justice

P.S I like your blog,it's really deep and meaningful at times and not what you'd expect, but I would face instant dismissal if I was caught reading it.