Sunday, 23 November 2014

Kyrat, Haydock & Ascot

Total day off from politics yesterday languishing in Kyrat (via Far Cry 4) then flickering between Ascot and Haydock Park whilst keeping a weather eye on the football.Looks like Adam has been busy though as this BNPTV trailer indicates.


Can't help but feel, examining recent media reaction, that Miliband has overcooked his pandering to the Islamic block vote with recent remarks about the atrocities in Gaza. One suspects he'll have to reposition himself towards certain elements should he want to become PM. That should come naturally, but it is ironic really that a UK general election is once again to be won and lost largely on the grounds of two alien belief systems and the vast majority of British people haven't got a clue.

It's rather the same with news on the TV where we have a choice of RT representing Russian interests, Al Jazeera putting a Muslim spin on world current affairs and the BBC actively working to justify the replacement of the British people on behalf of somebody else.

It's probably why so many people now view mainstream news as a contaminated source, preferring instead the raw truth of social media. Sooner or later that schism is going to have electoral implications as the old power structures are dissolved by the Internet's organic distribution of the truth. A bit like a meeting of two weather fronts with a less predictable outcome.

On that subject keep an eye on events in Missouri as the grand jury decides on whether Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will be charged with a crime for fatally shooting Michael Brown. Imagine if white people threatened to riot every time they perceived racial injustice and how different that mainstream news coverage would be.

Friday, 21 November 2014

White Man's Van

Another devastating by-election blow to the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems and we don't have to raise a finger. With the electoral trade counter being shifted sharply towards us again there's an added bonus as the fallout from Labour's uncontrollable hatred of the English resonates across the land.

How ironic that the flag used to demonise the BNP by Labour and their army of IslamoMarxist smearmeisters has fluttered up in the Kent breeze and bitten them firmly on the a**e. From their own hands an expose of their pathological contempt for our people far more effective than anything we could deliver.

I don't think they realise where all of this is going to end up. A general election effectively turned instead into a referendum on EU membership is going to result in unprecedented carnage. Serves them right for the industrial-scale vilification then cynical co-opting of the BNP's message. They've been playing with fire and I'm going to enjoy watching them burn.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Immigration Subject's apex predator acknowledged

A nice little touch (as they say down south) in the Huff Post courtesy of our Steve Squire this afternoon. Amongst the emotions experienced, when reading through these indirect recognitions that the BNP is guilty of nothing more than telling the truth, is one of transcendent vindication. Just look at them squabbling like hyenas over the immigration issue the public know only the BNP had the bottle to take down in the first place.

He then accused the Conservatives of being the party more like the BNP, condemning its "disgraceful" by-election literature that apparently blamed "uncontrolled immigration" for people not feeling safe walking down the street.

"I call on the Conservatives to disassociate themselves from this BNP-lite campaign," he said.

The BNP agree. The far-right party told The Huffington Post UK on Wednesday afternoon that the Tory party's rhetoric on immigration was "identical" to their own.

BNP spokesman Steve Squire said the mainstream political parties were "useless zombie parties". Squire also denied his party had a repatriation policy and said Ukip's immigration policy is racially biased against white Europeans.

Discussing his party's policy on immigration, Squire said Ukip, the Tories and Labour "all want to be like the BNP because we're right."

Unlike his own party, Ukip are racist he argued. "They're a bunch of 60 year old cowards," who are "picking on" Romanians and Bulgarians, Squire said. "Our policy is we don't discriminate, it's a fair and equal policy because for us it has always been about the sheer numbers. Not about where they're from or what colour they are."

At least the Huff Post had the courage to approach the immigration subject's apex predator for a response, the Telegraph and Mail, somewhat fittingly, preferred to remain amongst the jackals.

UKIP - the BNP's gateway drug.

Managed to find convincing statistics on the historic average house prices across Barking & Dagenham but because of the credit crunch/financial crisis, the data is somewhat contaminated. Nevertheless, looking across the spectrum I certainly wasn't the only one to notice just how pathetic yesterday's Tory-inspired Rochester by-election smear really was.

Today it is the turn of the assorted anti-British outlets in the form of the Huff Post and the Guardian  to try and galvanise the Labour vote, but it is all a bit too late. At 50-1 on the pseudo-nationalist Frankenstein monster, artificially hyped as a BNP firebreak, is going to gain another MP and consequent significant extra funding.

The uneasy mix of old and new Ukip is on view elsewhere. An elderly couple who used to vote BNP mill alongside a fed-up Labour voter: everyone seems to know what they don’t like but few have any clear vision of what they want.

Whilst still frustrating, I've actually come to terms with it now, accepting that the electorate has eventually realised that what we have been saying all these years isn't an assembly of hateful myths and lies but in fact the truth. They understand our nation is very ill but would rather take anti-depressants than undergo oncological treatment, Valium and Seroxat as opposed to Paclitaxel and Azacitidine.

Not exactly a healthy choice, but, albeit rather paradoxically, a step at least to accepting reality and rejecting the multicultural fantasy. That's why I'm actually rather pleased to see UKIP hammer the LibDems, Conservatives and Labour viewing them longer term, as I now do, as a very effective gateway drug.The excrement will make contact with the hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device soon enough.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tories - "BNP gets rid of 99.9% of known white middle class - fast"

Managed to save a dog from being run over yesterday which I felt good about all day. It followed on from rescuing a whole colony of small beetles that had taken refuge inside a pampas grass frond that I had intended to use to start my fire.

I would be reluctant to raise a finger to help most politicians and journalists however as the Tories and journalists at the Kent Media Group provide us this morning with an example why.

House prices in Rochester and Strood could fall sharply if Ukip wins the seat, according to Tory strategists.

They claim voters are concerned the constituency could suffer the same fate as Barking and Dagenham where many middle-class families moved away following local council victories by the BNP.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Charles Walker, MP for Broxbourne, who joined candidate Kelly Tolhurst on the campaign trail today, said: "The danger is if you vote Ukip, the value of your house will go down."

Mercifullyy Kent Online spares us the Labour spokesman telling us of their subsequent victory and the thousands of white-flight Londoners moving back in order to live with the new African electorate happily ever after, free from the evil BNP.

To be brutally honest if the people of Rochester are so dumb as to fall for this then, unlike stray dogs and overwintering beetles, they really don't deserve to survive.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

No whites allowed - update

Interesting little story, now with an update, I'm lifting straight from the main BNP website. Amazing response from the boys in blue.

UPDATE: For rent .... Asian ONLY!

Cllr Clive Jefferson, as promised, updates us on the hate crime he was a victim to.

Dear Cumbria Police,

Thank you for coming to see me in relation to the incident  that resulted in me being Racially and Religiously discriminated against last week.

I was very distressed when you informed me that the Equality Laws make this clearly discriminatory incident "unlawful" yet not "illegal" a distinction which a normal person without extensive legal knowledge would not understand.

Having taken some advice on this technical point it would appear that "unlawful" is a civil case which would require me to lodge my own case against the individual in the high courts or as you suggested to me contact the "Equalities and Human Rights" body which interestingly I also have extensive knowledge of dealing with, so although I hold little hope that they will take my case seriously because I am an English, White Christian.

But that in itself will be interesting and I will peruse this avenue as well.

I must say, at this point, that if I was a Black Christian or an Asian Muslim I genuinely do not think I would be asked by Cumbria Police to try and pursue this shocking hate crime myself.

The last time I was arrested in relation to a leaflet which said "pay peanuts....." no less than 38 Cumbria Police Officers were mobilised for a three month investigation called "Operation Motivate" culminating in the full team descended on my home and that of Cllr Dawn Charlton in coordinated dawn raids resulting in our arrest and what we are alleging was a malicious prosecution, but that is clearly another issue and I use it for comparison only.

What I did learn from the last three times Cumbria Police have arrested me or Dawn was that Cumbria Police have treated OUR cases as public order offences, so I would assume, although we know what they say about assumptions, is that Cumbrian Police will treat this case the same the only difference being that this time the victim of the alleged Religious and Racially aggravated discrimination is a male, white and a Christian, none the less it is most certainly in the public interest that I, my friends and colleagues and the general public see that just as Lady Liberty on the High Courts in London, Cumbria Police are blind as well (in this case: colour blind)

I would expect that Cumbria Police would act with Equality and Proportionality and I respectfully request that Cumbria Police apply the same standards to their dealings with me when I am a victim as they have done in the past when I was the accused (although I have been found innocent of all charges as has Cllr Charlton).

Please find below the evidence of the phone call that caused me distress and alarm and as you can clearly see it was Religiously and Racially motivated making it a hate crime falling under the public order offence bracket: Section 5 Racially and Religiously aggravated which on my unfortunately extensive knowledge of the law, I believe it is two separate hate crimes.

As you know, myself and Councillor Dawn Charlton have been dragged through the courts by Cumbria Police for these exact charges and I am writing this follow up email to get an official response from Cumbria Police to see if indeed Racism does "cut both ways"!

I can confirm that myself and 3 other people were distressed and alarmed by the discrimination so it looks to me, as a layman, that no less than 8 hate crimes have resulted in that one incident.

I must say I am somewhat upset that Cumbria Police seem not to be taking this seriously and when I compare the reaction to the hate crime that I am one of the victims of, and this incident it really is not putting the impartiality or the fairness of Cumbria Police in a good light.

I am sure that you do intend to take this case forward and I can confirm that myself and the other victims are also willing to make a police statement and appear at court.

All we are looking for is the fair and even application of the laws of our land, not a big ask I would hope.

Thank you in advance,

Councillor Clive Jefferson.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Corringham Karma - Thug-sponsoring Labour Party attacked by thugs

Nobody, least of all Labour, says a word when their thugs attack us as they have been doing for years. Until they start condemning the violent and intimidatory elements within their own ranks, as opposed to funding, encouraging and supporting them, they have no moral right to complain at all.