Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How Diverse is Dorset Billy?

Been busy playing with my new chainsaw, birding, tinkering with a betting bot and various other bits and pieces today. I've also just hit the Morrison's meat counter hard with some excellent bargains including two massive pieces of steak for £1.59 a piece.

Consequently I've not had a lot of time for political matters other than to be truly amazed that 50,000 Polish people can vote in the Scottish Referendum whilst 1.15 million expat Scots don't get a say. Taking that and the fact that 16-year-olds can vote I'm not so sure that the 1/4 odds (four to one on) currently offered for the "no" vote is anywhere near the kind of value represented by my Morrison's topside.

Meanwhile Billy Bragg has decided to enter into Scottish debate as he tells the Guardian

Given that dark legacy, it is unsurprising that many on the left have a knee-jerk reaction whenever they hear the word nationalism. However, close inspection of the respective manifestoes of the SNP and the BNP should give pause for thought.

The ethnic nationalism of the BNP is there for all to see – a plan for a society that excludes people on grounds of race.

As opposed to Billy and his friends who plan, using replacement levels of  immigration, to exclude British people from society on the grounds of race. That unfortunately is there for all to see too.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Deep-fried Mars bar

Will be focused on the Scottish Referendum vote for most of this week and most probably investing in a "no" on the Wednesday night. I have watched the odds fluctuate from 1.47 to 1.27 but will not take the plunge until the last minute to avoid unnecessary risk and tied up funds.

What will be most fascinating, knowing Scotland very well, is to see the precise vote from each area.The Shetlands, Orkney and  the Hebs for instance, using Salmond's own logic, might have a further claim for independence from a fledgling Scottish state, but let 's hope we don't get to that position.

Enough damage has already been done with a little bird telling me that the FA and Scottish FA are on the brink of cancelling the Scotland v England  friendly at Celtic Park on 18 November due to "security" issues. Scots and English at each other's throats, you might have thought, in the circumstances, we have somewhat bigger fish to fry.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Burning Down The House

With atrocities committed against our people in Rotherham and now Iraq it might not be a bad idea at this point to try to understand what is going on here in the wider scheme of things. I say this not from any official perspective but merely as a personal observation considering we are rapidly approaching a point of no return.

Since, over the last two decades, we have been bombing, invading, drone-striking and involving ourselves in the wholesale destabilisation of much of the Muslim world we should hardly be surprised that they no longer like us very much. In fact, you have to begin to wonder, with what appears to be a totally irrational, spin-the-bottle foreign policy, if it is the deliberate intention of this government to drag us into a forthcoming worldwide ethno-religious conflict.

The creation, to the point of financing and arming, of a Jihadist bogeyman is a most convenient means of swinging public opinion and giving the green light to the continued corporate sacking of the middle east under the guise of "restoring democracy".

Whilst I could go on and explain one or two other supplementary geopolitical realities, I don't need to because,  like many things, the truth is staring us in the face. Both ourselves and the Muslim community are being blatantly played against one another for the purposes of spawning chaos and commercially opportunistic distraction with the end game of creating a climate for an enhanced global power structure.

In the sea of hatred that we are all about to be immersed into it is important to remember that although immigration and radical Islam are being crudely weaponised against white Europeans we mustn't fall into the trap that is being set for us. Consequently,before they lose pretty much everything they have taken for granted, it might be prudent for the general public to ask just who is responsible for the forthcoming fruition of enforced diversity and who has been consistently demonised for warning against it.

Although being superficially comforted by increasingly more frequent and obvious reminders that we have been right all along, the job of any self-respecting race heretic is not an easy one. I don't know what people expect staring into their TV sets but hold tight we're in for nasty weather.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Li-on Power

Wiped out on the Scoop Six but overall profit on the football. Those that know me will be amazed by me backing Liverpool's opponents today, but Stoke and Oldham let me down for another decent lump. Meanwhile here's the chainsaw that I "exploited" African footballers to purchase last week.

Battery powered, it goes through 12" logs like a knife through butter. It was a toss up between this and either a Stihl or Husqvarna all of which operate at Lithium Ion 36v. Not going to be cold this winter and might even try it on my Sunday roast for a laugh!

Rotherham & Brisbane

Plenty of support on the streets of Rotherham for the BNP's message this afternoon. Steve Squire adopting a cloth cap to fit in up north seems to have done the trick.  On the other side of the world this banner, one of fourteen, was recently put up in Brisbane, Australia.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Rotherham - they learn the hard way

Some idea of the tsunami of misery and hurt inflicted in Labour's kids for votes scandal. Still no mass arrests as promised and the Police Commissioner in his job and collecting his salary.

Just goes to show the value placed upon the white community by the very people they trusted to vote for.  At least they can't say that nobody cared about them enough to tell the truth and offer an alternative. Now they're paying a heavy price for being gullible enough to think that wanting an identity and accompanying civil rights is an act of racism.


Been watching the Pistorius verdict live from South Africa. Yesterday I was unfortunately exposed to SKY's tacky and patronising eulogy of Judge Thokozile Masipa as the channel tried desperately to inject a little post-apartheid guilt into us all. However, the young,reckless and less sensible half of my character was pleased with the 160mph, Glock-toting witness being made immune from prosecution.That wouldn't happen here.

As for Oscar, I think he should think himself lucky he wasn't in a UK court where just a thought of shooting a burglar is likely to get you banged up. My mind however can't get away from that terrible story about Manchester Dog's Home. Shame we can't see the trial of the arsonist live on TV and get a phone in poll on what we would like to do to him.