Monday, 23 March 2015

Dudley North Misery Loop

Very nice of the chiffchaff to fly all that way to tell me that spring has now officially started. As grateful as I am there's a certain inevitability and reassurance about nature much the same as the Conservatives and their flirtations with ethnic candidates.

Dudley North is the seat where I obtained nearly 10% of the vote across the constituency a few years back despite the fact I was routinely denounced as a dangerous extremist for campaigning against the construction of a mega mosque and Pakistani village in the middle of an historic English medieval market town.

The fact that 90% + of the local population also opposed the development didn't seem to register with the headline makers. They are still at it I see with anyone campaigning against this thoroughly unwanted monstrosity being categorised as "race thugs".

It amazes me that even now after decades of manipulation and exploitation the production of the race card turns the electorate from snapping and snarling Staffordshire bull terriers into miniature poodles almost instantaneously. As I've said before I think we've gone beyond the need for political representation and ventured into the requirement for psychiatric treatment. Present company excepted of course.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Endangered Species

Out of the political loop for a few days doing other things I like to do. For instance I came across my first ever lesser spotted woodpecker over the weekend completely out of the blue. Good job the trees were not in leaf as I would not have stood a chance and I can see why this tiny creature remains illusive to so many.

Getting lots of press enquiries concerning where the BNP is going to be putting candidates. With the political circumstances as they are we'll not be wasting much of our money providing sensationalist news copy and giving the electorate a chance to agree with everything we say then go and vote for somebody else because they're too frightened.

Who knows the fact that the British people will not, in the vast majority of cases, ostensibly have anyone to genuinely care for them might wake a few of them up to their own endangered species status. They may then start to ask just why indeed the BNP is prepared to invest its money and is prepared to have its members face jail, real hardship and systematic demonisation for an electorate hell-bent on self-harming whilst simultaneously complaining about the pain.

Thankfully in eroding whatever percentage Labour manages to achieve we'll be helping to keep them in the shadows where they belong and have plenty to do in the process. I suspect that this may not be the only election this year with no party having the required majority and a truly motley crew to superficially coalesce then fight like ferrets in a sack.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The devil finds work...

It would seem that my last blog post has gone down rather well with Britain's nationalist diaspora. For once I seem to have hit on an activity, in a combined and systematic campaign to depress the Labour vote, that can actually unite our cause and where we can all actually work together. Sometimes the most simple of ideas are the best.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the election handy slogans, graphics, leaflets and other suitable ammunition will be made available via the BNP's considerable Internet presence and other outlets for all of us with a score to settle. They'll be popping up all over the place, we don't mind if you take them, just regard them as a free gift to share and spread the joy to others. Why not construct or design your own, as others are already doing?

Digest for a moment the sublime and truly profound possibility of an orchestrated nationalist retribution costing Labour the election, should we all play our cards right. A tantalising and very real prospect in a close poll, with the added benefit of teaching us all the valuable lesson, in Labour's forthcoming misery, torment and disappointment, that united strength is stronger.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Charge of the Light Brigade v cyber warfare, biding our time and targeted strikes

Several journalists called last week wanting to know whether a BNP candidate would be standing in their local constituency. Itching for the usual shock/horror "racism" headline to prop-up flagging sales and revive electoral interest, I was simply unable to help them.

I can however let you know exactly the format those stories would take in the vast majority of those local papers, many of which are controlled by globalist corporate interests. From previous experience most would try to unite the local population against the "BNP threat" with various mainstream politicians making off the shelf statements on how the community will not be fooled by those trying to divide them.

You've seen and heard it all before so there's no point in me bothering to explain the process at length. Thankfully, because of the very unusual circumstances of the general election this time around, the Party will not be committing large amounts of money, resources and hundreds of candidates across the country.

In fact, most of you will be relieved to know, we will be keeping our powder dry rather than play the establishment game and perhaps unnecessarily complicate what should be a unique opportunity to force the issue on a referendum on EU membership.

Of course there still will be candidates standing in constituencies across the country, I've been speaking to two of them this morning. However, I'm certainly pleased that a decision has been reached to cleverly avoid the extremely unusual and unfavourable electoral circumstance that surround the British nationalist vote in GE2015.

Don't however think that this lets you off the hook and you and other activists are going to be left twiddling your thumbs in the run up to May 7th. They'll be individual constituencies and local election campaigns to assist as well as a massive effort to undermine the Labour Party vote as only we can.

Ironically with a relatively close election looking likely, brutally and clinically alerting the white working class to the treachery, corruption and sexual depravity that hides behind that innocuous red rose might result in far more of an impact than a £500,000 campaign and 400+ candidates.

Remember that when you're reading through the ubiquitous stream of BNP electoral negativity in the mainstream press. Get to your Twitter, Facebook and other social media weapons and punish Labour to such an extent they'll be begging us  to stop. They can forget that though, for what they've done to us they've got it coming.

We can cost Labour this election, help force an EU referendum and be organised and well-funded for next time around. By then the electorate might have twigged that voting for the castrated version of the BNP was just a gateway to the genuine article.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Apocalypse Yesterday

Those that know me will understand that yesterday, from a football point of view was truly apocalyptic. With no insurance bets to protect me, two tsunamis of misery swept over me at approximately 18:40 and 19:15. I barely had the motivation left to climb into bed.

I will say this though following on from all the hype and unnecessary fuss about the fans running on to the pitch. At least there was a decent atmosphere generated for once, unlike many football games nowadays that are effectively soulless and meaningless financial transactions that might as well be played inside a morgue. That game truly meant something.

Strange the way I no longer live in the Midlands but the pain still cuts like a knife. Kind of reminded me of the saying in the Sopranos - "Just when I thought I was out - they pull me back in". Many will not be able to understand that for which I apologise, but others know only too well.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Nobody does it better

Not exactly the kind of story this disgusting creature wanted attached to her already shambolic pink bus tour. Still nothing does double standards quite like Labour and who are we to stand in their way?

HARRIET Harman’s pink bus campaign is to host a meeting tomorrow at a venue in Croydon the Labour council said could not be used for political purposes.

The Addington Community Association was due to host a meeting last August organised by the British National Party railing against the possibility of a mosque opening in the area.

But the council warned the ACA its licence did not permit them to rent the building for political meetings and that the licence may be reviewed if the meeting went ahead.

Labour, who were vehement in their opposition of the BNP campaign against the mosque, has now booked the ACA for tomorrow’s leg of deputy Leader Ms Harman’s Woman to Woman tour.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

What's Stopping YOU?

Saw a DIY "Labour - Crooks & Liars" roadside banner on my way to Sainsburys on Tuesday, it made me laugh all day. A highly effective way of getting the message across and a thoughtful and considerate act towards the protection of your local community. Just part of a huge upcoming wave of activity designed to undermine the Labour vote that can start just inside your living room with a few cheap materials and a lot of good intention.