Monday, 22 December 2014

The Grand Old Duke of York, he co-opted 10,000 votes....

I suspect we are going to see a lot more of this type of thing in the run up to the general election as the power structure desperately tries to bully the electorate back into domestication. Rather like a large flock of starlings twisting one way then another as they stray too far from acceptable opinion before settling to vote.

One would hope that those in charge of the Frankenstein monster the establishment has had to create in order to co-opt the BNP's message have a suitable anecdote. Perhaps it might be an appropriate time to stop grovelling on the floor and finally call the anti-white racism industry's bluff. Then at least we would all have an idea as to how many of our people are actually still worth saving.

Friday, 19 December 2014

An argument for forced integration?

Very busy trying to wrap up Christmas and avoid any last minute rush complete with the accompanying crowds. Pretty much there now with the half stone prerequisite Christmas weight loss already achieved so I can fully take advantage of all the food and drink on offer without feeling guilty.

Drifting back to politics for the first time in over 24 hours I noticed that Whoopi Goldberg has made the headlines with an outburst concerning the events in Ferguson. Having watched the short video a couple of times I am still at a loss to understand where any of the contributors are actually coming from. All I can say is that they deserve to have to live together.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nelson & Nassau

More interesting for the content than the minor verbals from Lancashire ISIS, I didn't even know the incident Clr Parker describes had taken place. On the other hand if it had been the other way around it would be national news.

There are however plenty of signs that people are waking up to the staggering hypocrisy as this story, in the aftermath of Ferguson, demonstrates.

The Nassau County correction officers union has already filed a federal EEOC complaint against Andreaus Guilty, who works for the county sheriff, over social-network posts with titles such as, “Racist NYPD CRACKERS,” “Police are protected by a system of white supremacy” and “Dis not your country pale face.”

Monday, 15 December 2014

BNP so wicked & bad it's almost beyond belief

Daily Mirror hopping mad about our Christmas card trying desperately to undermine our campaign with smears and irrelevant, hypocritical trivia rather than accept we are telling the truth, again. Journalists becoming so desperate to cling to their multicultural fantasy they don't just shoot the messenger but nail us to the cross.

Meanwhile there's so much hate and negativity in the International Business Times, I reckon it will be glowing in the dark tonight. The journalist did however save the best bit until last:

BNP spokesman Simon Darby said: "Every time white people express their culture and desire to preserve it, people call you racist.

"A lot of Sikhs and west Indians like living in a predominantly white country and they have told us they do not like the way it's going with Muslims. The demographics show that it's going to be a choice between a Christian country and a Muslim country."

All very true, even though no journalist can bring themselves to say so. As is the fact that many Muslims like this country the way it is and would be somewhat less cross if we stopped invading their lands and drone-striking innocent people.

May your days be merry and bright

Just done Russian TV live about the Christmas card story and told them there was a big difference between UK government and Russian authorities. Putin bends over backwards and sticks his neck on the block to defend Russia and her people, whilst Cameron slyly tries to replace the British people and our way of life under the guise of "celebrating diversity" and "fighting racism". Seemed to go down well.

Media now starting to self-combust on trigger-word "white"

As if to prove my point about alternative energy sources, just check out this astonishing reaction to the trigger-word "white" from Rob Waugh in the Metro News. Enough self-loathing, vitriol and hate in those few sentences to power a small town with equipment capable of harnessing that kind of ritualistic, ethnomasochistic self-combustion.

If Pavlov had trained his dogs to react in such a way on mention of the w word, they'd have drowned in their own drool.More on the way too.

BNP Christmas card going anti-viral

For once the Huffington Post is worth reading this morning as it gives us relatively straight coverage on our campaign to save Christmas. The walking dead seem to have stumbled into the comments section but they are not having it all their own way by any means. Shame we can't harness the energy from their self-hatred, it would keep us warm all winter.