25 ideas to improve the point of sale

25 ideas to improve the point of sale

The consumption has changed years in the last. The consolidation of Internet as purchase and information channel, and a still complicated economic situation, has brought with himself the appearance of a consumer more rational and less consumer than has presented new challenges to the points of sale.

The fourth annual day of the School Superior of Commerce and Distribution (Escodi) dealed with some these challenges. Under the brave water title “Manning. Passion by the commerce! ”, 300 professionals, 60% of them of the sector lover of detail, attended the conferences on management of the commerce, is present at online and communication with the clients, among others subjects, organized by the organization.

These are some of the ideas that scored during the day:

(Luis Soler, to partner of Odgers Berndston Barcelona)

1. To grow to grow does not have sense: the important thing is the yield.
2. It is necessary to imply to all the organization in the sale and not only the personnel of the stores. All can make some commercial law action, although he is something as simple as to recommend the store.
3. And all must step on the stores to know first hand which happens there.
4. It is necessary “productive humor” and is necessary to celebrate the small victories. This is more effective than to press to the equipment.
5. It is necessary that more communication within the companies is much.
6. The own resources are fundamental: these companies are those that better are surpassing the crisis and indebted them.

7. Before they bought to us, now we must sell (Francesc Casabella, delegated advisor of the Siren).
8. Not only it is necessary to consider the channel online, but also that the consumer is multi-channel, offering for example the option to buy online and to gather in the physical store (Francesc Casabella, delegated advisor of the Siren).
9. The internationalization is important (Javier Cottet, delegated advisor of Cottet Optical).
10. “Give me five”: when the client is in the fitting room is the moment for proposing five complementary products to him to which she is trying on. In order to improve the advising of the client of this form, it is necessary formation and not to deceive (Óscar Bel, commercial director of Diesel engine in Spain, Andorra and Portugal).
11. The sector must professionalize itself: no longer it is worth to understand the commerce as the last labor option. The client demands to the equipment professionalism and the businessmen must demand formation and professionalisation in the personnel search (Fran Arteaga, consultant of Alpenstock and professor of Escodi).

(Marc Juli, Elevenwebs)

12. Simplicity: to reduce the number of click to the maximum to arrive at the looked for information.
13. The ontenidos cs must be worked well, updated and oriented to the activity, to improve the positioning in the finders.
14. To include images and videos of quality. The finders also give good positioning to the videos.
15. The Web is had to be able to see well in all the navigators, in addition to in the movable devices.
16. The social networks require a minimum dedication of one hour to the day. If it is not possible, he is better not to be.

(Xavier Rivera, director of I-Marketing Consulting and professor of Escodi)

17. By email electronic marketing is useful, effective and cheap whenever attractive contents communicate. It is necessary to adapt the design to the movable devices.
18. The average ratios of opening of massive shipments of e-mails in Spain are in a 20%. The percentage of receivers that clicks in the connections is of 5%. It is a very qualified traffic that often is translated in sales.
19. It is necessary to think the day and hour of shipment very well. It depends on each company, but the best moment usually it is Tuesday to 12 of the noon.
20. If one is created app, it is necessary to know very clearly the objectives.
21. Advantages of apps: the ratios of loyalty of the clients multiply by five and allow to segment the public very well.
22. The most common errors at the time of being in social networks: lack of planning, lack of regular dedication, not to contribute value, not to respond to the followers or to do it of nonsuitable form.
23. It is necessary to pay attention to the geolocalización tools: Foursquare, Google Places, Yelp…
24. SMS continues being very effective.
25. Many physicist and points of sale online take care of their clients through Whatsapp.


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