We go to the grain!

We go to the grain!

Vegetables, seeds and cereals re-invent the figure of the overwhelmed one in the cities. Establishments of taken care of aesthetic bet in bulk by the sale of all the life.
As if we were in overwhelming with those sadly replaced by chains or stores of almost 24 hours, the small businesses of vegetables, flours, rice, seeds, spices, fruits and dry fruits… and other delights in bulk invade. To the front of them, young partners pawned on a new form of consumption that looks at the tradition and do from establishments with a well-taken care of image. “We pleaded for an intelligent purchase”, explain Liliana Pinacho and Esteban Celentano, from the store To the Gra, in Barcelona. “To acquire foods of quality with measurement and to size one appears as a route of saving of money, space, energy, time and residues”.

The majority of these businesses offers a direct and customized attention that allows to use the product or that somebody does it as in a market. In Madrid Bulk, a client looks for a from Leon vegetable of quality that she affirms not to find in other sites; some young are interested in products with ecological seal because they prioritize that the process of production of the food has been “respectful with the environment”, and some parents declare that it worries to them that their children “consume the most natural foods possible”. Juan González and Javier Benzo, proprietors of this store located in the centric Madrilenian district of Ambassadors, confess that products as “the seeds of chía, the leavening of beer or the germ of wheat have surpassed fully our expectations of more optimistic sales”.

Cristina Sánchez-Moraleda and Gustavo Moretta also give to account of the success of its supply in Nugget and Grain, a store located in the Madrilenian district of Chamberí. “The fact of being able to see and to try what you are going to buy and to know from where comes each product is an extra”, they explain. “In addition, in our store we recommended what to use and how and we interchanged kitchen prescriptions”.

From Pre&Cra in Barcelona (Aribau, 101), with more than 1,000 product references that also include wines and vermouth in bulk, they affirm that the aesthetic one matters to them: “We offer a modern atmosphere with nostalgia of the old commerces. We were inspired by overwhelmed and the warehouses to offer a comfortable, nice and familiar space where to eat and to buy”. To this tendency the interest of the chefs by these recent products and publications is added as the great book of cereals, seeds and vegetables (Molly Brown, Lunwerg), plenty of ideas to make products of this type of establishments.


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