The ‘ear mouth’ online shoots the sales.

The ‘ear mouth’ online shoots the sales.

Like it happens in the traditional commerce, the opinions of the users in Internet are one of the best tools of marketing on which it counts a SME.

As much it is thus, that the recommendations online increase the visibility and generate until a 200% more of sales, according to data of Oxatis, supplier of SaaS solutions for this type of businesses. Not in vain, seven of each ten Spaniards assure that they use Internet to review what certain products or companies think other consuming on.

In order to remove the maximum party to these valuations, Oxatis recommends a good management of these commentaries, or are positive or negative.

– It emphasizes the opinions. It places in a visible site of the webpage the last valuations and the average note of the store. This will give confidence to the undecided client, since it demonstrates that it does not have anything to hide.

- It integrates the valuations in all the channels. The opinions not only must be present in own ‘ecommerce’. In order to give more visibility them, it can include them in the e-mails or ‘newsletters’.

- One does not forget the social networks. The Spaniards pass the majority of their time in Internet visiting the social networks. For that reason, have them very present in this new campaign. For example, Facebook even counts on the possibility of adding a specific eyelash, that allows to express opinions and to connect the page to the valuations of the own store online.

- It is conceited in Google. When one has become most difficult - to obtain a positive note, it is important to present it. An option is to put in the description of the store the score and thus the clients will be able to see it when they find the commerce in the pages of the finder.

- He takes care of the critics. Everything cannot be satisfied clients. The negative commentaries do not have to eliminate them, but to manage them intelligently. Apologize and you contribute solutions. This will reinforce its credibility, since the pages in which everything is perfect rise suspicious.