Obsessed with the saving, thus he is the ‘drowned consumer’

Obsessed with the saving, thus he is the ‘drowned consumer’

If it buys or not it clothes in the Alcampo, as it says that Pablo Iglesias does, the leader of We can, is a mystery. But he would not be preposterous. 72% of them admit that the bottom of closet in the economic establishments chooses. Its obsession by the saving, nevertheless, is not limited in fashion. The years of deep economic crisis have generated a new profile, the drowned consumer: it compares plus the prices to pay less, he has become empathicer and less materialistic and demands to the great brands social implication. The economic indicators will be changing, but of the austerity there is not one that moves it. Just in case.

34% of the population buy to day of today, and as a result of the cheaper crisis, brands. Thus it is come off Mikroscopia 2016, an annual macrosurvey of 8,500 interviews online that analyzes of exhaustive way habits of life, consumption and purchase. “The society is not the same that the well-known one before the recession, in spite of a context in which the economy is growing to the greater rate of the last years”, it explains Belén Barreiro, director of MyWord, the company in charge of the study. One of the sequels of so many and so deep turbulences is the new profile of buyer that emerges in the society postcrisis: punished by the recession, it decides to save in everything.

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Without putting the heating

“That type of consumer, the drowned consumer – director of the Center of Investigaciones Sociológicas affirms to the one outside that (CIS) – has especially undergone the effects of the crisis and now he looks for to save in everything”. The new profile seems that the catchphrase does his of that detergent well-known that in the 80 invited the client to dive in the supermarket to find the best supply: ‘It looks for, it compares and if it finds something better, buy it’. At present, nevertheless, the only one is the price that prevails. “For the drowned consumer, the saving is a life premise”, assures Barreiro.

The obsession to control the pocket goes beyond the daily basket of the purchase and it extends to all the products and services of the home, provisions including. Blankets by heating and cheap fashion. Also the drowned one is this goodbye to the great companies. According to the survey, 72 of each 100 admit that it buys clothes that are not expensive.

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Another one of the outstanding characteristics of the new profile, according to reveals Mikroscopia 2016, is the greater exigency towards the companies. “He is a consumer who has become in accordance with the society. It has had to restrict his purchases and has changed his way to see the life”, explains Barreiro. The society has undergone a “mutation of values” that it is also reflected in the change of attitude that asks to him to the great companies. To the drowned consumer it seems essential to him that the companies invest part of their benefits in social help and are transparent and honest. “Not only it is demanded to them that they adjust to its pockets, but they are implied with the society”, aims Barreiro.

The crisis has divided the society in two

Director of MyWord

Two Spain

The survey, that is based on the analysis of 2,216 attributes – in this edition, in addition, focus is reinforced with five groups to different types from citizens –, also draws a more shared in common and empathic society. A 77% of the survey ones admit to be worried about the inequality, a breach that, nevertheless, it has not avoided that holds fast the idea of two Spain: the optimist, accommodated and trusting against the whipped one by the crisis, distrusted and impoverishing. “In spite of the economic indicators and the increase of the citizen satisfaction with the conditions of the country, the crisis has divided the society in two”, asserts the director of MyWord.

In addition to by the purchasing power, in the society at two speeds the digital crack is enlarging. “While rich Spain looks for the innovation and to be to the last one, the whipped one by the crisis concentrates its demands in necessity products. It is a Spain that is being back in the technological revolution”, it warns Barreiro, that it augurs long drowned alconsumidor life. “In scene in that the inequality grows and with an additional problem as it is unemployment – it adds –, everything aims at that the tendency can last in the time”.


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