BBVA and Ebay bet by the commerce online for SMEs with

BBVA and Ebay bet by the commerce online for SMEs with

The purchase tendency online is going to follow the rise. Before this perspective, BBVA, Ebay, Mailify and Prestashop have been united to send a solution of ecommerce that allows that any SME or entrepreneur can open its store online and secure his first sale in only three weeks.

“The main failure that commits the companies at the time of sending their own commerce by Internet is not to know how how to attract the clients. It is as having a supermarket in the Shara or an airport in Castellón”, assures Paul de Fombelle, of Mailify.

In order to avoid all the obstacles with which a small business at the time of creating its own store runs into online, Ebay, BBVA, Maily and Prestashop have started up The promises of all those Webs that assure that following his advice it is able to open ecommerce and to sell, fall normally in broken coat. This new platform tries to make reality that promise and that the user obtains his first sale online in a period of three weeks thanks to a guide of 15 stages (one per workable day).

“It is as if we were helping to make a prescription. Passage by step, ingredient after ingredient and giving advice so that the plate leaves perfectly”, it comments of Fombelle.

In fact, to take to end the ‘prescription’ of, the companies that want to participate must carry out a plan of 15 days divided in three phases.


In one first stage, usaurio must define its store online. As much the name as the domain is important, reason why the platform helps to choose these terms if still he is not determined.


This phase it enters Prestashop game. The company offers a gratuitous software of ecommerce based on strategies of innovation of open code. “To create a store online it is not difficult, but the complicated thing is to sell. Usually it is reversed much in technology when the recommendable thing is to invest to a 30% in technology and a 70% in marketing, to occur to know”, it comments Bertrand Amaraggi, Country Spain Manager of the company. At this moment, the platform helps the user to define the payments, the formulas of delivery of the product, to study the costs and to establish prices, and to understand and even to include the legal elements of the business.

BBVA with their integrated tool of payments, Nimble, participates in the project facilitating to the users a platform that allows to realise of very simple form the processes of payment of form 100% online. In addition one is a remunerated account and it is not necessary to be of BBVA. The organization both gives first months on watch or the first 10,000 Euros to the company that contracts Nimble by means of


The collaboration of eBay arrives in the third phase. “The launching of is a great option for the SMEs that want to integrate an additional channel in its commercial strategy, or to climb in its sales or to internationalize its activity. With the aim of helping the SMEs that are added to this initiative to give the jump international to the electronic commerce, eBay will offer a special promotion that will allow them to enjoy a gratuitous subscription from 90 days to the Store Outpost of eBay and access to the Manager of shipments of the platform, through what they will be able to contract reduced tariffs of shipment negotiated previously by our company”, affirms Susana Voces, general director of eBay Spain.

With the push of eBay at the time of even arriving at a greater number of clients and at international markets, one begins efficiently to construct a data base of potential clients.

In addition, thanks to Mailify, it is possible to be taken to end the first campaign of email marketing and to be begun to work with campaigns in Adwords and positioning in Google.

If all the process leaves as planned, Primeraventa affirms that in three weeks from the creation, it is possible to be gotten to sell online.



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