Coca-Cola wants to fill to its tins and bottles with the letters of your favorite songs

Coca-Cola wants to fill to its tins and bottles with the letters of your favorite songs

The most popular refreshment of the world hopes that the universal language of music helps him to repeat the success that already reached thanks to the customized packages with names.

Five Coca-Cola years ago it had an idea simple but, obviously, effective: to personalize its classic tins with the most common names of each country. “It shares a Coca-Cola with…” it obtained, judging by the numbers of sales, that the habitual buyers of Pepsi even chose to refresh the throat with a drink of their effervescent Nemesis, without being able to resist before a bottle that, literally, took his written name.

The campaign disembarked in our country in 2013 and the answer of the consumers was not made hope. The sales of the customizados packages increased a 13% in the five first weeks and in the great surfaces it turned out strange not to be with clients who searched carefully in the linear one, eager to take control of theirs.

The most popular refreshment of the world has taken good note from that one success and this summer will try to repeat the feat with a new campaign of the same cut. In this occasion, the unquestionable protagonist will be music. The great letters of hits of artists as Taylor Swift, Queen, 5 Seconds of Summer or Cindy Lauper will appropriate not only tins and the 50 bottles CL, but also packaging of the crystal bottles.

A song for each occasion

The company has created a ‘list of reproduction’ of 70 songs that, in his opinion, adapts to any situation and reflect the optimism with which the brand tries that the consumers identify it.

In addition to the classic ideal ballads for pairs (as “The way you love me”), we found songs apt for any celebration (“We plows the champions”), thought specifically for nocturnal exits (“Girls just want to have fun”) or perfect to praise the patriotic spirit, something very important for the Americans (“I'm proud to sees an american”). The packages also will shine the most iconic catchphrases of the announcements of Coca-Cola, as the classic “I'd like to buy the world to Coke”.

The objective, according to explains the own signature, is not to shape the letters of the most popular songs of the moment, but to use the universal language of music to connect with the consumers.

Still more social

Also, “Joint party a Coca-Cola and a song” I try to exceed to its predecessor in “likes’, tuits and shared. One of the tricks with which it will count to harness its presence in the social networks will be the collaboration with app identification of Shazam music.

Thanks to this tool, when the users scan the labels of the 50 bottles of CL will offer the possibility to them of recording a video of short duration in which they do playback or lip-sync of the song that appears in the package to share it in its profiles accompanied by hashtag#ShareaCoke.

The company of refreshments already sent two years ago this campaign in China, where it received a great welcome. The past week announced that their more musical tins and bottles will land in April in the USA, but still is not known what countries will be the following.

What yes one knows is that the ‘list of reproduction’ will adapt to each market reason why it is possible that, when disembarks in Spain, we run into in the supermarket with the letters of Alejandro Sanz, Extremoduro, Savin, Packing, Malú, Auryn or Manolo Escobar. For all the pleasures.