Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Nick Griffin Interview From Syria The BBC Tried to Censor

Now this is really interesting as you will see in a minute. Despite being interviewed in Damascus on June 11 by the BBC's Lyce Doucet, the corporation decided to completely ignore this. As you will see from the report below(click image) they made a deliberate effort to obfuscate even his very presence. Instead they chose to broadcast an interview with the Flemish politician Filip Dewinter

Nothing unusual about the BBC's bias although it was perhaps a little more blatant than usual. In fact the BBC are probably thinking they have got away with it as very few people will notice or be able to find out the truth.

Wrong! As it happened Nick was recording the audio all the time providing you with the opportunity to judge just what it was he said that the BBC were so absolutely determined to censor from the British people. Although poor audio quality at times you get a good idea of the bias, hatred and intolerance of our publicly-funded state broadcaster which masquerades as a champion of free speech, impartiality and diversity of opinion.