Wednesday, 12 June 2013

C4 (not plastic explosives)

News reaches me that Channel 4 are busy plotting to undermine Nick's successful and thought-provoking trip to Syria. They wanted us to assist, but they can forget that. C4 haver their own agenda which is very obvious to those of us in the know.

Yesterday I refused to give an interview to the Independent. A truly sickening anti-British rag that's going down the pan fast thankfully.

Asked about the trip by The Independent, a spokesman for the BNP said he was not prepared to answer questions. “You will just twist everything I say,” he said. “You are even worse than The Guardian.”

For those of you in the West Midlands you may have heard me on the BBC Radio WM Adrian Goldberg show just before 10am this morning. If somebody could track down the listen again url and send it to me via Facebook then we can review what it sounded like and whether or not callers agreed.