Sunday, 26 May 2013

BNP Accused Of Exploiting .........copy and paste words here

Predictable headlines in one or two newspapers but I'd rather have this than "BNP accused of staying silent over  death of soldier Lee Rigby as they sit on their hands". Channel 4 News took a similar angle yet one has to ask whether either the Daily Record or C4 would adopt similar coverage for those accusing campaigners for justice for Stephen Lawrence in the same way.

"Lawrence campaigners attempting to cynically exploit the tragedy to further their own poisonous ends", is not a headline your likely to see soon. However there is a back-handed compliment in the Sunday Express, unable it would seem to bring themselves to vilify a floral tribute.

Indeed, even a bouquet left by British National Party leader Nick Griffin was noteworthy only for its unexpected subtlety.

What the Sunday Express's take on this video will be we'll probably never know. Neither will we know what those attending the Hay Festival would make of Nick's message. He was due to be a speaker, but guess what happened?