Friday, 26 April 2013

“Most striking though was the real financial suffering being inflicted on people struggling to pay their bills and taxes whilst at the same time David Cameron arrogantly announces that the foreign aid budget is being ring-fenced.”

I'm very grateful to the team of activists and candidates in Bromsgrove for all of the hard work they have put in. As you will see by clicking on the image above, it's going to rather difficult now to paint anyone who opposes immigration as some kind of demonic entity.That's not saying it isn't going to happen again, but newspapers now run the very real risk of discrediting themselves should they overcook it.

For those interested in further analysis of the Ukip syndrome, this piece has just gone up on the main website. I spoke to Nick about it this morning as he remarked that Ukip will be on about green lizards next, - "it's the frilled ones you've got to watch" was my reply!