Sunday, 24 March 2013

Drift to the right

If this cold weather continues it could tip the economy further into recession. Retailers will have had their takings down this weekend and with more snow predicted for the Easter weekend the leisure business will not be too happy. We can't vote for the weather, but I'm sure the British electorate could be psychologically coerced into selecting perpetual golf-ball sized hail if they were told it was racist to do otherwise. I can almost see them struggling to get to the polling booths now with dustbin lids for shields valiantly doing their bit for diversity, tolerance and enrichment.

Cameron's banging on about restricting council houses to immigrants, wonder where he got that idea from? Could it possibly be the BNP's "sons and daughters" policy that has been routinely denounced by the three main parties for the last decade? Hey Dave, if you are reading, how about no immigration in the first place?