Friday, 15 February 2013

Warning - sky about to come crashing down on liberal mindset

Going to spend a few hours studying the images and video of that spectacular meteor that hit Chelyabinsk earlier. Great effort by the Russians to capture all that footage, but you would expect that as they do take their astronomy very seriously in any case, let alone when it is falling on their heads.

Since it is Friday why should we not lighten up things a little with a bit of satire? I see no good reason not to. Not the kind of comedy ever likely to be broadcast on British TV though and containing some rather obvious historical inaccuracies. However, despite the near the knuckle message typified by our American cousins, this deserves a wider audience. Please not that I will not accept responsibility for members of the walking dead who having viewed this, may suffer permanent psychological damage or remain trapped in a perpetual logic gate.