Monday, 11 February 2013


Enjoyed watching the rugby in HD yesterday enabling individual raindrops to be distinguished. Ironically the weather suited the side who won the least possession. As for insurance, I laid England at half time at 1.37 knowing Ireland would come back. Unfortunately Betfair's "cashout" facility wouldn't play ball because it couldn't cope with rapidly fluctuating odds and I was left holding the baby. Not that I minded too much, the England victory was the most important thing.

Staying on a similar theme, Ladbrokes seem to be offering good value on the turnout at the Eastleigh by-election. As you can see at the bottom 5/6 on a turnout of less than 53% is not unreasonable at all.

Will catch up with Nick later to see how he got on in the West Country and fill him in on the Government's U-turn on inheritance tax. You work hard all your life then your life savings are confiscated from you to pay for nursing care which you've already paid for, anything left is snatched away from you in tax. Even vultures have the decency to stop feeding once their stomachs are full.