Sunday, 24 February 2013

Race Equality - Birmingham-style

The news about that little boy in Birmingham has completely spoilt my Sunday. Notice how it took a national newspaper(above) to tell the the people of the second city the truth after the Birmingham Mail tried to cover it all up a few days earlier. You're not telling me this Mirror-owned, Labour-supporting rag was unaware of the real circumstances, but once again it is prepared to contort reality in order to pursue its genocidal anti-white agenda.

That may sound a bit strong but just take a look at the coverage, virtually at the same time, that this financially-troubled newspaper decides to give to Doreen Lawrence. Thankfully with a circulation hovering around  just 40,000 in a city of one million, the Birmingham Mail isn't going to be around for much longer. Last year the newspaper had the biggest yearly readership fall of any regional title in Britain and with this kind of skewed content most Brummies would have to be paid to read it.

You'd like to think that Central News or BBC Midlands today would cover the full, horrific reality of the failings of Erdington Hall Primary School, but they would not dare. As for the police, they'll be on to this right now but not in the way you think.

I bet you that West Midlands Police special hate crimes unit will be be monitoring the situation like hawks. They'll be trawling through our social media postings and dispatching a special "Community Resilience Team" to the grieving family. Specifically tasked with making sure the situation doesn't become "political",  they'll be putting subtle pressure on the family not to turn to the BNP to campaign for justice just as they try to do with other white victims.

The Birmingham Mail can be relied upon to run a special "BNP exploiting" story confident that the assorted half-wits that still buy it will not notice the paradox of the Doreen Lawrence Centre for Research in Race and Education update placed on the opposite page.

I can categorically guarantee you that the most effective way to prevent this ever happening at this school again will not even be considered for a second. That would be if those journalists at the BBC and ITV Central, those reporters at the Birmingham Mail, white liberals at Birmingham City Council and investigating police officers all moved their children to Erdington Hall Primary School in sympathy. The reality is that the money earned by these people for covering this all up will be spent getting their kids educated as far away as they possibly can afford.

Whilst this doesn't make for pleasant reading, our people deserve the truth. Ironic really that the only political party prepared to run with reality is officially considered a threat to democracy. The penny will drop soon enough though.