Saturday, 9 February 2013


Bracing myself for more Sunday newspaper revelations concerning the rapidly deteriorating Offalgate crisis. Probably like many of you reading lurid tales of increasingly exotic DNA from various Eastern European abattoirs, I'm going to have to seriously reappraise my relationship with processed meat.

A free range chicken from Morrison's shouldn't present a problem for tomorrow's lunch, but as well as a resident butcher, supermarkets might have to provide customers with supplementary advice from an in-house taxonomist the way things are heading.

Meanwhile I thought you might like to see the Conservatives having a little fun on Thursday during the Westminster debate on curriculum and exam reform.

Andrew Stephenson (Pendle) (Con): During his reply to the statement, the shadow Secretary of State said I should visit schools in my constituency. I am delighted to tell him that I do. His last visit to my constituency was to campaign for a Labour candidate in the local elections who ended up humiliated in coming third, behind the Conservatives who won the ward and the British National party in second place. May I urge my right hon. Friend to take no lectures from the Labour party on achievement?

Michael Gove: I thank my hon. Friend for that elegantly and pithily put question. I would also like to take the opportunity to invite the hon. Member for Liverpool, West Derby (Stephen Twigg) to execute his own U-turn.