Friday, 18 January 2013

House of Cards

The Oxford Mail reports a futile gathering of about thirty walking dead last night at the Union Gay Parents debate. Apparently the next debate is to be constructed around "This house supports the rights of Muslim paedophiles to brand local children and sell them into sexual slavery without criticism or political interference."

Meanwhile Labour's Joan Bakewell has suddenly realised that the electoral system has been abused,corrupted and manipulated to such an extent in this country that people no longer believe in it.

I imagine it’s that people are just too busy or, frankly, too indifferent to take part. While multitudes in Libya and Pakistan queue from early morning to exercise their hard-won voting powers, the jaded democracies of Europe have falling turnouts at elections, while those who can be bothered are on the rise: Ukip and the BNP. “Serves you right” doesn’t quite cover it.

Finally as I await the predicted blizzards SKY News informs us that Radiohead are not very pleased with the Tories "borrowing" their songs. SKY reminds us of a similar scenario although the real truth of this particular matter seems to have been lost.

The year before, the British National Party was ordered to remove a Manic Street Preachers' song it used on a video uploaded to YouTube after legal threats from the band's record label.