Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Rawalpindi by-election latest

As if to emphasise the truly deceitful and putrid nature of British politics Labour, on the eve of the Rotherham by-election, are bragging about there not being enough Asian people for Respect to take the seat off them. In response Respect are drawing everyone's attention to Labour canvassers actually joking about the epidemic of racially-motivated Muslim child rape in the area.

Meanwhile there's a further look at Rotherham just uploaded on the main BNP website. As for me I did the interview with Russian radio this morning and spoke to Marlene and Nick just before and after that. All of us agreed that, due to us, at least the public is now able to openly debate not only immigration but some of the truly carcinogenic by-products. Whether or not the electorate will have the grace and good manners to thank us for it is not so certain, but we'll know soon enough.