Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Newsflash - UK officially awarded banana republic status - BNP's Arthur Redfearn overturns UK Government persecution

A former Bradford British National Party councillor, Arthur Redfearn, today sensationally won his cases against the UK Establishment at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Arthur had been sacked as a bus driver for holding "extremist and offensive " views despite the fact that he had just won a local election and had been voted the most popular employee at his company.

This scandalous and vindictive corruption of the democratic system has finally been exposed even though, having been denied justice in his own country, Arthur had to go to Europe to receive it. In effect this has huge implications for all BNP members persecuted for their political views and effectively awards the United Kingdom the official status of a banana republic.

You can see the Guardian's report here and clicking on the actual judgement below will  give you the three page pdf. In effect every police force in the UK as well as the prison service, in barring employment to BNP members, is acting illegally and open to claims of compensation for doing so.