Thursday, 18 October 2012

A spoonful of Super Glue....

Part and parcel of sustaining an almost totally corrupt society is the clinical suppression of any meaningful political dissent. Whether you are an IslamoMarxist zealot, a gullible individual with a pre-conditioned and deep psychological need to conform or perhaps a police officer with aspirations of a middle class lifestyle, there's a role for you all in the ongoing conspiracy.

I am currently dealing with at least three such invites and I'm pretty sure that in the end none of them will be going ahead. Don't be too disappointed though, it further chips away at veneer of democratic respectability of our rulers and masters currently busy lecturing the world about rights and freedoms. Some of those denied the opportunity to listen to a democratically-elected MEP will also start to question the threats of physical violence, intimidation and censorship currently employed in the great fight against "fascism". It all adds up and will count when our society finally does become totally untenable.

If you have a spare 30 mins or so this morning you might also wish to check out the Daily Mail's take on the Greek Golden Dawn Party and their fight to give their country back to the Greek people. There you will find the following:

‘And don’t compare these people to the British National Party or the English Defence League,’ a Greek professor warned recently. ‘They make the BNP look like Julie Andrews.’

No more Mary Poppins then.