Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Is Football Racist?

According to ITV Derbyshire Police have swooped on the Twitter user who originally extracted approval from Rio Ferdinand after calling Ashley Cole a "choc ice". Apparently, when they searched the house officers also found a magnum hidden in the freezer.

Staying with comedy and indeed football, last night's satirical spoof documentary on racism in football broadcast on BBC 3 seems to have had mixed reviews. Apparently, some people actually thought "Is  Football Racist?"  a genuine examination of the problems within the game. However, those behind the show  explained that it was more of a Brass Tacks/Monty Python hybrid, satirically portraying the UK's burgeoning anti-racist industry.

The producer told the Radio Times, "what we set out to do was expose the hypocrisy and illogical bigotry of the multicultural Mafia in Britain by positioning the programme right from the start on a blatantly false pretext.""I mean, I ask you, with the massively disproportionate number of black players in the game how is anyone going to take a programme on "racism" seriously that completely ignores this elephant in the sitting room?"

"We have had a great response from the broadcast with many viewers reporting uncontrollable fits of laughter as demands for more black players in football management were screened. The dry sense of humour certainly does seem to have struck a chord and we are filming at least another two shows focussing on racial discrepancies within track and field athletics and television presentation.Both of these programmes will follow the same format, utilising and parodying crude and intelligence-insulting multiracial propaganda originating from the 80's and 90's delivered in a totally deadpan fashion".