Friday, 15 June 2012

Kiev, Athens & Nestpeckers

Fresh from compiling the voting lists from the latest plenary session in Strasbourg I find my attention drawn from France to Kiev. Making up my mind to place an insurance bet to lay England I'll wait for the odds to drift in my favour and put my stake in just before the start. Bookies can always rely on unrealistic amounts of money coming in when England play and they adjust their odds accordingly.

Interesting that Osbourne jumped before the result of the Greek elections on Sunday handing over another £140 billion of our money to the banks. Is it just a coincidence that British banks have a collective exposure to Greece approaching some £150 billion? I think not and if Greece decides to reject their bailout on Sunday, that will start the ball rolling on their inevitable reunion with the Drachma.

At the moment the Greek election is looking close and the authorities there have taken the draconian step of banning opinion polls. The Guardian, for once, has a good take on it, if you can filter out the bias. You might also like to check out their video on the Greek nationalists if you can stand the highly irritating advert at the start.

Lots of woodpeckers around at the moment, both the green and great-spotted variety. I don't like to think too much about it but their abundance is directly linked to the number of nests with the eggs and chicks of other birds. For those thinking these attractive birds just pecked at rotten trees for insects, I'm afraid the reality is somewhat more unsavoury.