Thursday, 8 March 2012

Official - You may not know it, but you're violent

Tomorrow's BNP news for the mainstream media will be a report published by professional BNP "expert" Matthew Goodwin. I've tried to get hold of it for you all but it looks like it is still embargoed.

If we can believe him, it consists of a sample of 2,000 "far-right" people, 500 of whom are linked to the BNP. The report will claim that we think that violence is justifiable in the national interest but will probably go on to state much more, but we will have to wait until later.

Mr Goodwin has been absolutely desperate as of late to claim that the BNP is a spent force, he now seems to have changed track realising that we are not going away. If he wants to be taken seriously as a social commentator perhaps he might make an effort to distance himself from the objectives of the far-left. At the moment he just appears as another anti-British opportunist out to make a quick buck at the same time.