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The most effective form to improve the experiences of your clients is realising surveys online, because it will allow you to know his opinions anonymous way and to detect the errors that are being committed in the company.

It is certain that often the people refuse to fill up a survey because they consider that it is a loss of time, but you are able to transmit the message that you are worried and interested in his opinions you will obtain in many cases of changing his perception.

The tools of surveys online that you are going to find in this article are software that do not require unloading, and therefore, you must not have installed a program in your computer. It is only essential to have connection to Internet, and to use any navigator (preferably Chrome) to accede to your gratuitous account or of payment in the platform.

#1 Survio


Survio is another excellent tool to create questionnaire surveys online of satisfaction of the client, opinion of employees, investigation of markets, and much more.

The tool also offers the possibility of creating a gratuitous account, and offers numerous functionalities to create customized surveys online. Their more outstanding characteristics are:

  • 100 Answers/month.
  • 5 Surveys.
  • Limitless questions.
  • Analysis of results.
  • Export of diagrams (png, SGV).

As much in the gratuitous version as in the premium version, and like in the majority of its competitors, Survio allows to publish the surveys online in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), to send by email electronic, to insert in the website, and to add popup in the website.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to use some of his 100 groups of surveys realised by experts, and who estánagrupadas by sectors:

  • Studies of markets
  • Services
  • Feedback of the user
  • Human resources
  • Events
  • Education
  • Community and for charity
  • Taken care of health
  • Another one

The great advantage to have available these predesigned groups is that they will allow you to save a great amount of time, and will be very useful for your enterprise needs or objectives.

If you wish to use all the other functionalities that Survio for the surveys offers online, you will be able to contract some of susplanes of prices (Personal, Business, Elite) and that better adapt to the needs of the company or business.


#2 Survey Monkey


Probably the most well-known tool at world-wide level when we spoke of surveys online is Survey Monkey, although it is certain that at the moment it has a great amount of competitors who provide the same service.

Survey Monkey offers a gratuitous version so that you can know his functionalities, and although it has certain limitations as far as its use you will be able to begin to create your surveys online and to know the opinion the clients. The characteristics that the gratuitous version has are the following:

  • 10 Preguntas
  • 15 Types of questions
  • 100 Answers
  • By email electronic support

The great disadvantage that has the gratuitous version is that it does not allow to unload the results of the surveys online in any format, reason why will be necessary to contract some of its plans if you wish to export the collected data.

On the contrary, if contracts some of his plans premium (Extra, Gold, Platinum) you can enjoy many other functionalities and characteristics that the tool Survey Monkey offers to make surveys online.

Between the functionalities more outstanding than you can use in the payment version are:

  • Limitless questions.
  • Limitless answers.
  • To add customized Logos and colors.
  • Customized URL of the survey online.
  • Logic of exclusion in the questions.
  • Filters and crossed tabulations.
  • Page of gratefulness.
  • Page of disqualification.
  • Page of aim of the survey.
  • Unloading of information and data.

As much the gratuitous version as in the payment version you have the possibility of using anyone of its 5 different forms from envíopara your surveys online, eg:

  • E-mail: ideal to make a pursuit of the survey ones.
  • Facebook: to publish the survey in the page of Facebook.
  • Website: to insert the survey in a page of your website.
  • Entrance manual of data: to add the answers manually.
  • Mailchimp: to send the survey through the email platform marketing.


#3 Google Drive


Another one of the most popular tools to make surveys online, and of totally gratuitous way, is Google Forms. This product is provided by Google all the users who have an account of e-mail with Gmail, although also offers more complementary products than they are very useful.

The forms of Google are another excellent way to create surveys online, although it is a very basic platform and it does not offer the same functionalities as other tools in his premium version.

In order to create a survey you will have to accede with your Gmail account to the application of Google Drive, and soon to puncture in the New button > More > Forms of Google.

When you are designing the form or the survey you have the possibility of using up to 9 types different from questions, that they are:

  • Text
  • Text paragraph
  • Multiple selection
  • Square of verification
  • To choose of a list
  • Scale
  • Grid
  • Date
  • Hour

In addition, also you can choose the subject that you like more and she adapts to the thematic one of the questionnaire, because you have available up to 25 predetermined groups.

Some of the characteristics more outstanding than have the forms of Google are:

  • Limitless surveys.
  • Limitless answers.
  • Unloading of data.
  • Options of personalisation.
  • To add customized logo.
  • To add to images or videos of YouTube.
  • Jump of exclusion.
  • To add collaborator.
  • Synchronization of answers in real time.

Once you have designed the form or the survey online will be created of automatic way a direction URL to accede to the questionnaire, of private or public form, and that you will have to share with the contacts of wished e-mails.

When the people have left his answers to the questionnaire you will be able to accede to the results entering the Google Drive application directly and where you will find a file in format “Spreadsheet” with the name of the form or survey online.

Like Survey Monkey, also you can share the forms or surveys of Google by email electronic, by means of a connection Web, insert here in a website, or through the social networks (Google+, Facebook, or Twitter).

Another one of the advantages that have the forms of Google is that any person can respond the survey, without needing having created an account of Gmail e-mail, and from any device (PC, mobile, and tablet).

In addition to the users who have an account of Gmail e-mail, it remembers that also the companies can use this tool that contract the excellent for service of Google Apps Work.


#4 Zoho Survey


Zoho Survey is another tool that allows to make surveys online and also it offers the possibility of using a gratuitous account, although you only can make a basic use:

  • Limitless surveys.
  • 15 Preguntas.
  • 150 Answers.

In this tool of survey online you will be able to find numerous groups that are predesigned and grouped by thematic sectors or:

  • Surveys of Businesses.
  • Surveys Satisfaction of the client.
  • Surveys of Education.
  • Surveys of Non-profit organizations.
  • Surveys of Human Resources.
  • Surveys of Health.
  • Surveys of Investigation of Markets.
  • Surveys of Events.
  • Surveys of Marketing.

If you wish to use all the functionalities that the tool Zoho Survey provides, you will have to contract some of his different plans from prices (Standard, Premium, Enterprise) and that better adapt to the needs of your company or business.

In addition, you have the possibility of enjoying a gratuitous period of test (15 days) in the versions of payment, and without needing introducing a credit card.


#5 TypeForm


The Typeform tool is another quite well-known platform, although in its beginnings beta began in phase, and that allows to create surveys online of a simple and fast way.

Its main characteristic is that it has aesthetic and a very modern design, which help to a great extent to invigorate the task so that the survey person does not leave the process quickly and you lose a great opportunity to improve the experience of your clients.

Typeform also offers the possibility of creating a gratuitous account, and therefore, you will have the advantage to use some of its main functionalities.

Like the other tools, the forms and the surveys online of Typeform are responsive, reason why they are adapted to any device (PC; mobile, and tablet) so that the people leave their answers in the questionnaire.

The most outstanding characteristics in the gratuitous version are that you have the possibility of creating limitless surveys online, have the number of limitless answers, and can unload the data in Excel format.

If you wish to use all the functionalities that the Typeform tool provides you will have to contract to the premium version Pro (20$/mes), since it offers numerous characteristics to optimize the design of the surveys online.


#6 Polldaddy


Polldaddy is another tool that allows to create surveys online with the help of its visual publisher, to drag & to drop, although it emphasizes mainly by the elegance of his visual styles, their matrices of questions, and their possibilities to work with own content multimedia.

The only disadvantage to use this tool is that you must have created an account in the WordPress.com platform to loguear to you (to inciar session), since it is a service provided by Automattic.

The tool also offers the possibility of creating a gratuitous account, and like their competitors, have a visual publisher with the operation to drag & to drop.

In the gratuitous version you will be able to enjoy excellent functionalities, and some that do not provide their competitors eg:

  • 19 types of questions.
  • To add images, videos, and contained from YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps, and much more.
  • To add code HTML to the survey online.
  • 15 predesigned subjects.
  • 3 types of popups for the website.
  • To obtain answers offline by means of app iOS (nonavailable in Android).
  • Integration with WordPress.
  • Notifications of the new answers via email.


#7 Survey Planet


SurveyPlanet is another magnificent tool to create surveys online because it offers numerous gratuitous applications that facilitate the design of the questionnaire, to share in social networks, and analysis of the results.

The tool also allows to create a gratuitous account and where you will be able to enjoy numerous functionalities, although you have 3 characteristics that are vitally important to emphasize eg:

  • Limitless surveys online.
  • Limitless questions.
  • Limitless answers.

Similar to their competitors, the surveys online of SurveyPlanet can be shared in the different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), and also be sent by email electronic to the clients.

In addition, SurveyPlanet offers a functionality that does not provide any of its competitors as he is multidioma, since it allows to create surveys online with up to 25 different languages and is available even in the gratuitous version.

Nevertheless, the only disadvantage that has the gratuitous version is that it does not allow to unload the data in format Excel or pdf to analyze the results of the realised surveys online.

Therefore, if you want to unload the data of your surveys and to use all the functionalities that SurveyPlanet provides you must contract to the version Pro (15$/mes).


#8 Eval & Go


Eval & Go are a tool to create surveys online and that also allows to create a gratuitous account, but you will only be able to make a limited use of his functionalities.

Like its competitors, the tool provides an interface of “arrastar and loosen” that it allows of way fast and easy to carry out complex tasks, since to make surveys online or studies of market with multiple pages or to personalize the design of the report.

Also it offers a great variety of types of questions as well as hundreds of variations, that allow to make a limitless number of surveys online.

The basic characteristicses that you will be able to enjoy in the gratuitous version are:

  • Limitless surveys.
  • Limitless questions.
  • 150 Answers/Month.
  • Automatic information.
  • Export of data (Excel and CSV).

One of the characteristics more outstanding than has the Eval&Go tool is that it has a very intuitive interface, and allows to analyze in real time the statistics without needing being an expert.

By all means, if you wish to use all the functionalities that the Eval&Go tool has you have the possibility of contracting some of its plans (Pro and Pro+), and to remove the maximum yield from your surveys online with the premium version.


#9 Encuesta.com

e-encuesta.com - logo2

E-encuesta.com is a tool that also allows to create surveys online, something obvious by its name, and that because mainly emphasizes in addition to the typical monthly and/or annual subscription, also it offers the possibility only of paying by survey online with a maximum duration of 3 months to realise it.

In addition, the tool offers the opportunity to create a gratuitous account to use some functionalities eg:

  • Limitless surveys
  • Limitless questions
  • Predesigned groups
  • To add corporative logo
  • 100 answers/survey
  • Result in real time

The advantage more outstanding than I have found in this tool is that 100% Spanish provides a service of support, so you do not have to worry to know how English to communicate to you with the equipment in case of having doubts on the tool.

If you prefer to enjoy all the functionalities that the tool in the payment version provides, you can choose some of his plans of services (Professional, Premium, White Brand) and if you are not satisfied they subsequent to give back to the money up to 30 days the hiring.

As much in the gratuitous version as of payment, you can create your surveys online from zero or use the groups designed by experts who are grouped by thematic sectors or:

  • Satisfaction of the client.
  • Study of market.
  • Human resources.
  • Education.
  • Events.
  • Friendly and relatives.


#10 QuestionPro


QuestionPro is another excellent tool that allows to create surveys online using a group of survey designed by professionals or if you also prefer it offers the possibility directly of loading the design of your survey from a Word file.

Similar to the other software of surveys online, you have the opportunity to create a gratuitous account that offers numerous characteristics eg:

  • Limitless surveys.
  • 100 Answers by surveys.
  • 15 Types of questions.
  • +100 Plantillas predesigned.
  • 20 Subjects of surveys online.
  • Information in real time.

In addition, as much in the gratuitous version as premium, you can distribute the surveys online by the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn), e-mail, website, blogs, or codes QR.

The surveys online of QuestionPro are also responsive, therefore, are optimized to be used in any device (PC, mobile and tablet) or website.

Finally, if you wish to use all the functionalities that this tool in the premium version offers, you can contract the plan of services (Professional, Corporate, Team Edition) that better adapts to your enterprise needs or objectives.



If you want to use a gratuitous tool because one adapts perfectly to your needs, I recommend to you to use the forms of surveys provided by Google Drive.

But you prefer to use a tool with premium version would certainly advise SurveyMonkey to you, by his mentioned functionalities and characteristics previously.

And you, sometimes you have created a survey online for your clients? You would add some tool more?

Please, if you have liked this article you are not egotistic, compártelo!

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