Ramón Freixa, chef with two Michelin stars: “In the kitchen, selvage happiness”

Ramón Freixa, chef with two Michelin stars: “In the kitchen, selvage happiness”

The office of Ramón Freixa is its kitchen. The difference with others is that he never has left one.

The Catalan chef takes since it has use of reason between furnaces, not in vain its parents was and is guest house in Barcelona, where Freixa left in 2009 to initiate its gastronomical project. But, how it is the day to day of a cook two Michelin stars? “Probably what less I do it is to cook.

When you have a restaurant you must organize the room, the kitchen, the letter… Everything is important, until ironing the linen”. To that difficulty it is added the fact that it must direct five spaces: Ramón Freixa Madrid, Freixa Tradició – where their parents, Ávalon Restaurant & Coffee, Erre Cartagena de Indias and Arriba work, in Silverplates Madrid. Panama is its next station.

Freixa is conceited to be perfectionist (“hatred the disorder”), innovator, dangerous and funny, and its team of Ramón Freixa Madrid, its house mother, confirms these characteristics. “Like to think I about new plates and to put the ideas in practice. Now already we are thinking about plates of the spring. The high kitchen is very similar in fashion.

Whenever we do a plate we return crazy to the rest because they must think about the places setting or the wine that go to him”. It is a work in equipment, although “it takes my name”, to which it puts creativity, emotion and discipline. “My parents taught to me to have desire to begin every day, to sell happiness”, he indicates. “First that there is to do he is to give thanks to the client because between all the gastronomical supply, he has chosen to you. For that reason, it is necessary to be generous and to give him much more than he is expected”.

Somebody of its maximum confidence? “I say that I am left-handed and always I have many right hands”, although their pillars are the head of kitchen and the head of room. Fifteen people in each service work and, in their opinion, “all are fundamental”.

Although yes that is an absolute protagonist in the kitchen of Freixa is the product. “He is essential that is of first quality”. The process of elaboration of its kitchen is very complex and everything not deigns what it is not necessary, although has quality. “That we make our food yet”. But, what eat habitually? “Stews, meat, fish… but all rich one. You imagine that every day we ate discharge cooks? We would finish boring”.

The worse day in the office of Freixa is Tuesday. After two days closed, the restaurant starts again. The refrigerators fill, the planning of the week begins and everything is cleaned and polished.

Freixa does not have great odd habits within the kitchen. Its mentality is to leave people works it. “We are as a family”, it indicates. But there is something does not support: “What clears my tweezers to me”. For that reason, his and those of the kitchen head are black and those of all the silver-plated others. “In addition one to them is the guardian of my tweezers. If it did not do it, it would lose them almost on a daily basis”.


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