“The controversy of the croissant of Granier has attracted more franchise-holders”

“The controversy of the croissant of Granier has attracted more franchise-holders”

Juan Pedro Conde, founder and president of the Granier bakeries, explain its strategy to gain clients and how the controversy has benefitted to them.

“A baker with commercial restlessness”. Thus one defines Juan Pedro Conde (Cornellá, 1964), founder and president of Granier, the bakeries that have revolutionized the sector. And revolution in two is understood of the meaning that contemplates the SAR: fast and deep change, and restlessness and uproar. The first definition their 220 premises in Spain in five years of life and one more in Miami hardly justify it, to which Lisbon, Rome or London will be united in the very near future.

The second concept, the one of uproar, also know it. Its expansion in Madrid caused that to more than one the croissant was choked to him. In particular, the three that Granier offers to 1.50 Euros. The Catalan company was accused to burst the prices with the aim of sinking to the competition. “I do not understand how a so simple thing has been magnified because the market is free and that anyone can make a proposal. If there is a competitor who you can reduce public, you do not have left more remedy than to fight to rescue it. The competition makes us improve to all, and I assure to you that they also fight to gain clients. In addition, the channel of the distribution much more has cheap products that ours, I do not understand why they took us from reference”, it maintains Count.

The manager argues that its behavior is not less ethical: “We have not burned any market, I only have a business proposal that attempt of developing. Granier has a principle that does not fulfill the majority of the competition: if they propose the new premises to us next to another bakery, always tenth that not “, assures.

And it is possible to offer an economic product without sacrificing the quality? “By all means. The croissant, - that us makes Europastry, the first national producing company of the sector is a profitable product. The one that says that it cannot sell to that price not is saying the truth. The test is that now it is a price that has been standardized among others competing. That yes, you must obtain a certain volume of sales so that the margin has sufficient yield”. With respect to the bread, Granier sells and defends one congealed in mass, different from the prespanish stew. “It is impossible that you distinguish it of a fresh bread as far as quality, because the mass defrosts during 11 hours and later it is when you cook it”.

To Count, who all their life has been dedicated to the business of the bread, also it surprised the sudden success to him that kneaded its creation. “In Madrid, for example, the chains more were dressed pastry shops, and our balance to offer bread, baker's shop and cafeteria worked. We emphasize by the agility of the growth and a good commercial proposal, of price and product. All the theories in a company are good and we could save with our suppliers, but I want that people take a good product”.

The controversy has done more well-known to Granier and, according to Count, it has allowed him to win attractive. “Whenever they emit the TV show on our croissants we have of the order of 1,000 calls of people interested in our tax exemptions”. Future the executive also enters flour before the critics that assure that more ahead the prices will raise. “If you have a success model, why you are going to change it? You must accentuate the quality and if you can, to lower plus the price, as long as your business is profitable”.

Count is outlined as a simple man, the same adjective that defines a product as the bread. “We are a business for the day to day, for the daily life of the people”. Without more pretensions. By the way, where buy did the manager the bread before founding Granier? “I always have hard bread in my house because I forget to take it the majority to me of the days”.


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