The positioning.

The positioning.

I finish “positioning” is one of the most used at present as much inside as outside the surroundings marketing. To Ries and Trought they are those that create and develop this concept that has revolutionized marketing.

When it is relayed a soccer match we can hear say to the commentator: “the players well are positioned in the field”. We know that one talks about to that, for him, they are placed/distributed of a suitable way.

We can hear to some commercial ones that “company “x” is positioned as first of the market, whereas what they mean, it is that this company occupies the first position in the ranking of sales.

Commonly it is admitted that the term “positioning” is used because it is or in the phrase but that we do not know his meaning exactly, or the same is used of arbitrary way.

But, what we understand “those of marketing” on this concept?

The majority of books establishes that the positioning is “the place that occupies the product in the mind of the client”. He is correct, but I like the following definition much more “which I want that they say of me”. She is more proactive.

In the first definition it seems that it is arrived at the market and one hopes to that they assign a label to him, whereas in second is the company the one that must look for how to obtain that “what I want that they say of me” and thus it pierces in the mind of the objective public.

But, obvious, one cannot try to place labels that are not credible. For example, I, am rather verily low, cannot position myself as highest of Valladolid; it is not possible. I cannot either assign labels that other people already own. Better we explained it with another example. When I got at Valladolid to study I joined myself with a friendly group, between which already there was a “Luis”, reason why I could not occupy that place, and happened to be for them “Luis Jaime” whereas in my town could continue being “Luis”.

Many companies do not include these simple rules:

First not to base my positioning on some attributes that are not credible. For example a small store cannot say that it has a “great variety” of products. He is not credible, although it can be certain.

Second, I cannot either say that she is the one that better quick service because there are great companies, as Corte Inglés, which already they are positioned there.

Third I cannot establish a positioning type: “to offer quality products”, it does not serve, he is a generic one, nondifference. It is a necessary condition but nonsufficient to position itself in the market.

We must define the positioning of the company because he is key to compete in the present market and to be recognized as “different”, and not more of the companies than they fight by a place to the sun.

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