Symbiotic marketing

Symbiotic marketing

Many of us we have seen the film “Looking for Nemo” and their eventful journeys have enchanted us.

Why I speak to them of Nemo? Because Nemo is a fish clown who has a symbiotic relation with an anemone. The anemone protects to Nemo and Nemo protects the anemone. Both benefit. Now to is shelp “win win” that it is finer.

The Symbiosis is a valid alternative for numerous organisms that they look for to take control of an ecological niche in which to be able to grow and to reproduce. In numerous cases the companies do the same.

We do not have to forget that the symbiotic relations benefit to the parts, but they settle down to compete with other associations and other organisms by the system resources.

We see an example of two great companies, Apple and Google, and its fight by the “niche” of market.

In the case of Apple and its product, App Store, lies down and developers benefit. Apple by triple game: in the first place power the use of its terminals; secondly one benefits from the work of thousands of developers that use paying their software; and thirdly by the commission that receives by each sale realised in its store. On the other hand, the developers benefit because they have a store that concentrates great part of the demand of this product type.

Google, creates Play Store. When arriving later at the niche, it has by force that to establish symbiotic relations of a different form. It offers less visibility to its fellow travellers, the developers, but it does the easiest life to them, free and gratuitous software, betting to be reaching the leadership little by little to remain most of with the pie.

Who will win? That one that favors some relations in which all the participants win, not only the leader, and will win to the detriment of one or the other association with which he competes.

The moral of the post: at present not fight already as Quijotes, where “you do not flee, cowards and vile creatures who a single gentleman is the one who undertakes to you”, will be for nostalgia. The creation of networks and alliances is the base of the growth, concepts as the one of affiliation marketing marks in many cases the difference.

Your group of simbiontes chooses well and to prosper in the market.

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