The Syndrome of the Adolescente Company

The Syndrome of the Adolescente Company

When one is adolescent, which wants is that everybody wants to you. Then, over the years, one learns that there is people who want and other to you than no, and does not pass anything. It is more, is something good.

In the companies that begin usually it happens a little the same.

When him questions to the businessman to whom it wants to offer his products, normally it says “to all”. They observe the similarity and so an adolescent declares.

The syndrome goes further on, since, in addition to wanting that all they want to me, the companies exert a species of apostolate, in they will strive “to offer a product or service of quality”. That is to say, that all think that I am “a type guay”. Obvious, the product or service of quality is the one that “he” considers that he must offer, and, therefore, the clients to value and to buy.

What it happens is that the company confuses two concepts, the concept of client, the one that it buys to me, and the concept of objective public, to whom I direct my commercial activity.


The decisions and actions of marketing must go to the public objectives, not to the clients.

You cannot make decisions from marketing on the product, the price, the promotion/publicity/public relations and commercial distribution, without having present to whom you go.

To put an extreme example, is not the same for a warehouse of the Shore of Duero to sell wine tourism to Russian millionaires, who come in charter flight, that to retired groups of the region. If a little thinks it, the wines to offer would be different, the price would be another one, the publicity, used message and channels would not agree and the form of commercial distribution would differ.

If you want to give a product of “quality” is essential to know at least to whom I offer it, since the quality is something subjective, “this likes, or I do not like and,… already she is”.

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