Previous steps to the design of marketing action

Previous steps to the design of marketing action

Frequently, when you comment that you dedicate yourself to the “world of marketing”, they think that you are a species of magician, able to remove flowers from the top hat.

The flowers are wonderful campaigns of marketing that manage to increase the sales of the company as by magic art.

Unfortunately, the “thing” does not work thus.
There are some previous decisions that the company must take if it wants that the magic is built finally with which the client is pledged before which sets out to him and… It buys.

Before setting out the logical steps, we will see how the design of the marketing actions is carried out in many cases, especially at the beginning of an enterprise activity.

The steps that habitually follow the companies (and not for that reason the correct ones) are the following.

First the idea pays attention, the base of which part to be developed the new enterprise business.

From the idea, which is accustomed to is to directly happen to make specific the passages of famous the four marketing mix, that is to say, P's. These are: Product, Price, Promotion (promotion/publicity Public Relations) and Please (distribution channel).

That is to say, businessman, from idea, wants to make specific product/service to offer (attributes that composes it), the price to that it will offer it, the promotion actions/publicity/public relations that would be adapted to realise and arise questions exceeds what to communicate, where, when, how,… and finally, what channel or channels of distribution must undertake.
As he sees himself, to directly happen of the idea to make specific the marketing actions is a complicated jump and in the majority of the cases, it settles itself with obviousness of the type: “I what I offer am a quality product”.

The problem is that it has been omitted to respond to key questions that help to that the election of the actions of marketing to develop is much more easy to realise.

How it would be the logical sequence: Here it goes.

The idea.

To establish the Mission, Vision and Values of the company. That is to say, what necessity or desire I cover, what I want to get to be and, why values I want to be different itself.

To establish the different public objectives from which I am going to direct my commercial supply, and they are not worth majorities that do not discriminate.

The positioning of my company, that is to say “what I want that they say of me”. And not that says something obvious, as for example: “I want that they say that I give to a product or service of quality”, because “that” says all and “that to it” nondifference.

To make specific the passages of four marketing mix, that is to say, already referred the famous ones P's. These are: Product, Price, Promotion (promotion/publicity Public Relations) and Please (distribution channel).

If steps 2, 3 and 4 are completed, and we did not happen directly of step 1 to the 5, as in the first case, certainly the marketing actions are easier to design and to develop, and you can have more possibilities of success.

If you have followed the passages in logical sequence:

  • The product will be the adapted one to each I publish objective.
  • The price will be coherent, as much and so it is offered, how and so you want that it is shelp of you.
  • The promotion actions will have to emphasize that positioning that does to you different.
  • The distribution channel will be logical for each product and chosen public.

Marketing has more of office than of magic.

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