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SpeakingBoss in CastillayLeonEconomica.es

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An entrepreneur of Segovia designs a platform Web to facilitate the direct bonding with clients.

SpeakingBoss obtains data through videoconferences and surveys.

The segoviano entrepreneur Luis Gilsanz Llorente has developed to the platform Web SpeakingBoss to facilitate the direct bonding of businessmen and managers with his clients. With this tool, the executive determines what information needs, to whom wants to ask and when he wishes to realise his investigation. This information obtains through videoconferences and surveys.

In words of Gilsanz Llorente, “during the videoconference it will speak expensive to face, without intermediaries, oyendo what also says but seeing its gestures, his corporal language, deepening on those aspects that consider critics to improve and to reorient their company”. In addition, the clients who participate will be able to receive in return a prize/advantage by the facilitated information, transmitting the idea that its opinion is listened to and receives in return, something what will guarantee many more answers.

For this from Valladolid entrepreneur, how many have enterprise decisions been taken using the information that the client tells the businessman, chatting, taking a coffee? All great businessman knows that he has been made great listening his clients”, and adds a phrase of Bill Gates during a visit to Harvard Business Scholl and that shows the philosophy of SpeakingBoss: “the problem with you is that what calls to examine the surroundings, I call it to speak with people”.

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