A man and a woman hold together of purchases a maximum of 70 minutes

A man and a woman hold together of purchases a maximum of 70 minutes

Certainly you have gone or not to Ikea, have heard terrible histories of quarrels, truncated ruptures, friendships, lost divorces express and children in that labyrinth of minotauro that is the multinational of the Swedish furniture. In fact, many refuse to transfer the doors of that Edén of the obligatory do-it-yourself work, guided by the panic that Man + is from the equation “woman + Ikea = quarrel”.

The incursion in this universe from the personal experience does not make another thing that to unravel the different attitudes from men and women with respect to the purchases, those microcosms of life. The gigantic warehouses of Ikea do the times of scene of the vital theater. Thus, “the differences in the purchase processes go back to the abilities that each sex has been developing for thousands of years: the women dedicated themselves to collect and the men to hunt”, according to a study of the British University of Essex, realised after analyzing the habits of purchase of more than 2,000 English.

The data that heads this article hoists it Alfredo Fraile, director of consultoraInterbrand. We reproduce next his eloquent words:

“The man sees this process [the purchase] as a necessity, a hunting mission that is to finish as rapidly as possible. To enter, search, to find, to pay and to leave. The articles of Ikea are exhibited of such form that see all and has very many. To the woman likes to see it them, to compare prices, to take itself its time in deciding. To the man no, is discomfort, must haste go away. Studies exist that affirm quehombres and women can buy together during only about 70 minutes: further on, the quarrel possibilities increase inexorably according to advance the small hands of the clock”.


According to the study, in physical terms the purchase can also be similar an orgasm, that is translated in which the men experiment in the act to buy a more intense excitation, but also shorter, judging by the levels of sanguineous pressure. The resulting physical excitation of a purchase lasts to a woman an average to him of 15 minutes more after the commercial act. So, when the man enters crisis, to the woman still it they have left prudent to continue buying.

There the crux of the matter for the quarrels in Ikea resides: the laberíntica disposition of these stores of furniture also acts as a trap for the buyer, that it must complete the gymkana through all the catalogue to arrive at the box, but for the heterosexual pairs, that, incapable to less than complete the circuit in the 70 mandatory minutes – the limit of the patience is led a married crisis in their vain attempt to obtain to a Nybygge bookcase and a game of napkin rings.