Guide for the elaboration of enterprise projects

Guide for the elaboration of enterprise projects

Habemus book.

I have the pleasure to present Guía for the elaboration of enterprise projects, published by the Thomson Reuters publishing house.

This Guía began being a chiquitita thing, arisen from the experience of many years of professional dedication to the pleasing task of helping entrepreneurs, students and businessmen in the elaboration of plans of company, or by means of the formation or the tutorización of projects, and has ended up shaping itself in this book. 


Guía explains step by step and of clear form how to elaborate an enterprise project: the market analysis, how to approach the DAFO and its analysis, as well as the decision making where objectives, strategies and the plans of action of the project pay attention.

The principles that govern Guía are to be: Didactics, clear and needs.

The contents include:

  • A general and clearly complete scheme to elaborate enterprise projects.
  • A “model to arm” own in which to unite of coherent way the different parts from an enterprise project.
  • A new methodology to carry out analysis DAFO, based on the attack vectors.
  • An own methodology to obtain effective positionings.
  • An own methodology to elaborate coherent plans of marketing with the conducted analysis.

Summary of the publication:


Guía for the elaboration of enterprise projects can be acquired in the following connection.