Friday, 23 August 2013

The fruits of corruption and cowardice

Just about managed to expose myself to a bit of sporting news, that being the fifth test at The Oval. Other than that the only current affairs topic I am currently aware of is the progress of the appeal that Adam Walker has put in against his draconian, undemocratic and vindictive life ban from teaching. If you haven't already read about this you can do so here and perhaps offer him a bit of well deserved support.

Just going to watch the interview on BNPTV with the two lads doing the charity walk for Birmingham dogs home who were stoned and racially abused in a Muslim area of Birmingham. Next time they do it they should take a video camera with them so they can expose the lying media and police for what they are. In my book they are worse than those hurling rocks at charity workers and dogs and believe me that is saying something.