Friday, 5 July 2013

Eric Pickles and the great DCLG slime trail

Budding forensic accountants could do a lot worse than head on over to the Department of Communities and Local Government to analyse their very latest set of accounts. With more time and expertise than my good self and with a little digging they can uncover exactly how top Tory gastropod Eric Pickles has been using our money to perpetuate our political disenfranchisement and humiliation.

Of particular interest to me was the whacking £100,000 bonus from last year for professional espousers of Muslim victimhood, Tell Mama. One can only admire the business acumen by which raping children and beheading soldiers is indirectly turned to profit with £191,000 enough to provide a veritable river of crocodile tears.

You'll notice other familiar names amongst the prize winners of Eric's great community free for all:

£65,000 - Show Racism the Red Card 
Counter English Defence League workshops for 9,400 young people aged 11-18.
£66,000 - Searchlight Educational Trust 
Through volunteer-led community groups organising local news-sheets and community events to generate positive local identities in four areas with strong English Defence League activities
£60,000 - Operation Black Vote
Enable Operation Black Vote to implement a new business plan which would allow them to become financially stable.
£50,000 - Society of Editors
Tackling Extremism and Hate Crime. Work with the Society of Editors to produce a guide for moderators of online content.

However, it appears that illegal funding to groups campaigning directly against the British National Party may well have been laundered through other bodies. Those wanting to pick up on the trail of slime might want to start with this £2.4m lump of our money awarded with a somewhat suspiciously all-encompassing mandate.

£2,375,000 -Church Urban Fund
Encourage interaction and joint social action involving people of different faiths in key deprived areas, and to build the capacity of clergy, young people and community leaders from minority faith communities.