Monday, 3 June 2013

Scottish Daily Record or Viz?

In years to come we'll look back in amazement at the way ordinary, decent British people have been vilified by the press in the interests of enforced diversity. Thankfully the influence of the tabloids is very much on the wane now with circulations crashing despite the cover price dropping to almost nominal levels.

Very soon we'll be able to enjoy one or two big newspaper/media names being closed down as the business reality of charging people to be belatedly lied to inevitably bites in a climate where people can instantly access the truth through social media for free.

In the meantime we can all marvel at this 70's style, almost retro edition of the Scottish Daily Record and its comedic distortion of the truth.

"Police examine images after far-left conspiracy to commit violent disorder" would be more appropriate, but let the Daily Record discredit itself should it wish, while it still can. At least the fabrication wasn't as bad as that in your sizzling hot number-one Sun where they had to resort to the most blatant untruth to promote their agenda.

Apparently the Sun was going to Photoshop Nick being mauled and attacked by badgers to suit the headline, but thought that some of its readers might become confused and start to panic