Tuesday, 18 June 2013


With the G8 summit concentrating on Syria yesterday Nick had a timely appearance on Russia Today last night in Belgium explaining what he had leaned from his recent visit to Damascus. He was lined up for another interview on another TV channel too but couldn't work in the slot they had offered him.

A strange business for me yesterday afternoon with regards Facebook. As you know my posts here automatically feed to Twitter and to Facebook so that people can find them easily. However, in trying to log into Facebook yesterday afternoon I was informed that I had been banned from posting anything for 12 hours because of something I had allegedly written about a mosque in Birmingham. They even provided me with the offending text.

The problem is that the post was not mine, I had and have not written or posted anything at all about recent goings on in Birmingham. I have tried to get in touch with FB HQ to point this out but as of yet I have not received the courtesy of either a reply or an acknowledgement. It begs the question that if they have the resources and staff to micro manage posted content then why don't they have either the professionalism or decency to inform and update their users. Has this happened to anyone else?