Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nick Griffin Syria Visit Update

Nick has been in a meeting with the Syrian authorities since this morning and I doubt very much he would have been available for those radio interviews. I may be wrong so if anything did come out this morning please send the url to my Facebook account.

The last few days have been extraordinarily busy as I relay voting sheets to Strasbourg and journalists to Damascus. I'm glad that before Nick left I equipped him with a really tasty camcorder capable of very high quality video and audio along with 20MP stills. I road-tested it  down in Westminster the other day amongst the Walking Dead and was most impressed.

Consequently you can look forward to some stunning footage offering a totally different and much more balanced appraisal of the situation in Syria. Nick has been given access to all sorts of people and information and has already forced the BBC to adjust the warped and distorted nature of their coverage as you can see below.

This BBC report from last night was filmed by the very same reporters who filmed Nick in Damascus two days ago. To my knowledge not one second of that interview has yet to be broadcast - a scandal in itself. They really do hate us.