Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv and Ashton under Lyne

We've got to venture across to Argentina to find a bit of coverage in the Buenos Aires Herald this morning .Writing on the situation in Syria Ivan Briscoe is obviously rather displeased at Nick's involvement as he offers us this unprofessionally bitter, little rant:

So it was that a delegation of several dozen politicians, belonging to the self-styled Alliance of European National Movements, found itself in Damascus at the behest of the Syrian leader, Bashar al Assad. Presumably someone in the regime, someone with a very cruel imagination, thought it would play well to the media gallery to associate the spiritual home of the Arab world with a coach party of neo-fascists, Flemish separatists and Hungarian anti-Semites.
Perhaps it did in some quarters. After all, Nick Griffin, head of the British National Party, torch carrier of the English far right, scourge of immigrant Muslims and “Islamic hate preachers,” has let it be known how very impressed he was by the words of the Syria Arab Republic’s highest religious authority. “Just had meeting with Grand Mufti,” he recounted breathlessly on his twitter feed. “Remarkable man.”
True to form, Griffin was back a few tweets later denouncing “Islamic horror” in a suburb of Manchester — a few youths having a fist fight — and winding up for his big hate preacher protest rally. In fact, it would appear that either several Griffins exist and are connected via the same twitter account, or the BNP leader’s two cerebral hemispheres have been so corroded by the overuse of personal digital appliances that they have separated completely, like an egg yolk from the white. Beirut, he told followers, is “less alien than the streets of London.”
All of which might not amount to more than one seedy anecdote in a conflict that has now claimed close to 100,000 lives, but for the fact that alongside the insignificant Griffin a regiment of hard men and populist bruisersis now intent on arrogating the entire war to its stainless steel logic.

It's interesting watching the left constantly shifting the goal posts when it comes to the delights and intricacies of perpetuating enforced diversity. "A few youths having a fist fight" can be transformed almost like magic into a fully blown "hate crime" or "racist incident", to be announced with added gravitas, with prevailing conditions.

I was watching a really good documentary called "Gatekeepers" detailing the operations of the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) last night.The tactics and levels of monitoring and surveillance reminded me very much of the situation here in Britain. The difference of course is that the Israelis work for their own national interests, in Britain our authorities actively work against those striving for our national interests.