Monday, 24 June 2013

A special BNP font?

Doing my bit to keep Britain's pubs in business I managed to track down this very tasty carvery for £7.95 yesterday afternoon. Not unreasonable in my opinion especially with the price of beef the way it is. Unfortunately watching England literally give the Champions Trophy to India later on was almost enough to warrant a reappraisal of the ingredients.Not getting around to insuring against the loss by backing the Indians on Betfair exposed me to the full sporting cataclysm and totally spoilt my day.

Incidentally that horseradish sauce directly below my knife on the right nearly took my nose off and the beef didn't arrive like that initially, I was very hungry. That's one of the advantages of a carvery, whereby you don't have to sit through the torture of waiting 40 minutes for your order to arrive surrounded by delicious odours and other people eating.

The Guardian is breaking a few good stories at the moment. Maybe it will dawn on them one day of their part in plunging us all within a truly fascistic surveillance state that monitors everything we say and do. Apart from the spying scandal, readers may be interested in this little article published today illustrating another example of police officers paid to violently disrupt the activities of political opponents.

Within weeks of being deployed in September 1993, Francis earned his spurs as an SDS spy at a demonstration involving 50,000 protesters against the British National party in Welling, south London. The march was partly motivated by anger over the death of Lawrence and a widespread feeling among black people that police were ignoring racist attacks in the area.

Meanwhile over at the Daily Mail it appears that they are struggling for original descriptions of the BNP chairman. "Loathsome" and "vile"  are it seems now out of fashion as Andrew Pierce employs a spectacular "ghastly" to make sure Daily Mail readers get the point.

The ghastly BNP leader Nick Griffin wins the prize for the bad taste joke of the week. ‘If I had the opportunity to squeeze Nigella Lawson, her throat wouldn't be my first choice.’

Maybe newspapers should utilise a special font like the dripping blood captions on Hammer Horror films when describing the BNP in the future. They could have small bats flying around our capital letters too and assorted rodents and creepy crawlies decorating accompanying paragraphs just so the sheeple get the message.