Saturday, 25 May 2013

IslamoMarxist newspapers exploit soldier's death using anti-BNP hatred in order to disguise failed society

A reminder this morning of just how we have got into this mess in the first place with trademark abuse from both the Independent and Guardian. Both financially-troubled, IslamoMarxist titles crudely exploit the death of Lee Rigby as his MEP stops off on the way back home after driving across France from a busy plenary session in Strasbourg. How many other MEPs did the same?

Thankfully there is more professional coverage of Nick's unofficial and private visit in the local papers and in the Huffington Post. I spoke to him yesterday evening and he was genuinely surprised by the amount of photographers and journalists still present in Woolwich.

Meanwhile I understand that one of our election candidates was recently approached by one of the alleged attackers whilst on a BNP stall in London. A twenty minute conversation took place concerning Islam and Afghanistan. It was explained that the BNP had no interest in invading Muslim lands and that we wanted to bring our troops home. He seemed happy with that, but our chap has taken the precaution of calling the police in order to provide the security services with any information they might need concerning the encounter.