Saturday, 18 May 2013

Farage - "This reminds me of the BNP", thanks Nige nice of you to point that out

Interesting little quote from Mr Farage in the Edinburgh Evening News reminding everyone of disgraced Labour drunk and MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce and his sabotaging of the BNP Scotland manifesto launch a couple of years ago. Convicted, violent, drunken thug Joyce had posted the name of the hotel that was booked to host the BNP event and encouraged followers to threaten the establishment into cancelling the booking as you can see below.

Obviously mindful of the curse of the BNP, visited on the violent criminal Joyce not long after *, it was good of Mr Farage to remind everyone that there's a particular pedigree for this sort of intimidation amongst the Scottish left. I assume that is what he means in any case.

The Ukip leader told The Scotsman yesterday: “He [Salmond] is taking the line that it was just a few students and he won’t condemn them because they haven’t broken the law.”

He claimed that similar tactics were used in a Perth by-election in the 1990s “where SNP supporters shouted down opponents and tried to close down the debate”, adding: “This reminds me of the BNP.”

Labour MP Eric Joyce was arrested at 22:50 on 22 February 2012, within days of sabotaging the BNP Scotland Manifesto launch, in the Palace of Westminster by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of committing assault. He was described as having gone "berserk", hitting "at least three MPs, including a Labour whip". He headbutted and punched the Conservative MP Stuart Andrew, after hitting Labour Assistant Whip Phil Wilson while Wilson was attempting to restrain him. He also assaulted Basildon Conservative Councillor Luke Mackenzie and Thurrock Conservative Councillor Ben Maney, both of whom were attempting to break up the incident. Conservative MPs Alec Shelbrooke and Jackie Doyle-Price were also caught up in the fracas whilst attempting to intervene and calm the Labour MP down. A door window was smashed as anti-BNP thug  Joyce attempted to resist arrest before being removed by police and taken to Belgravia police station. The disturbance occurred at the Strangers' Bar (reserved for MPs and their guests).
On 23 February he was charged with three counts of common assault and released on police bail.7] A fourth charge was added on 9 March. Fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £1,400 in compensation to his victims, he avoided a custodial sentence. He later stated that he intended to complete his current term as an MP.
In August 2012, Joyce was back in Court after using scissors on 4 July 2012 to remove the electronic tag that was attached to his leg as part of his punishment. The tag had been attached as part of the community order. He was fined £600.
A year later, on 14 March 2013, the drunk Joyce was again arrested following reports of an altercation in the sports and social bar of the House of Commons. In light of it being his second alcohol related incident on House of Commons premises, the following day Joyce was given an indefinite ban by the Office of the Speaker from purchasing and being served alcoholic beverages from all Palace of Westminster premises, including its eight bars. Joyce was released under police bail from Belgravia police station the same day, when it was revealed that he was also facing a charge of Actual Bodily Harm.He issued a statement soon after stating that he believed he had been cursed by the British National Party.