Sunday, 5 May 2013

BBC - reporting which lacks logic, balance and fairness.

In my increasingly unsuccessful attempt to avoid politics this weekend the BBC ambushed me in between the weather and Hull's promotion with another blatant UKIP plug. Featuring a husband and wife from Lincolnshire and a cosy chat on the sofa it was a far cry from the kind of witch trial afforded to BNP people.Perhaps we can go back just 36 months to illustrate my point.

I had to turn this morning's UKIP lovefest off, unable to stomach it any more, but it would appear that I'm not the only one to notice the bias, albeit for differing reasons.

BBC Banned By Club
RANGERS Football Club can confirm the BBC is no longer welcome at Ibrox Stadium or Murray Park.
The club asked BBC journalists to leave the stadium ahead of today's Division Three title party against Berwick Rangers.
Rangers Director of Communications James Traynor said: "We are aware of our contractual obligations but we also have to be aware of our duty to protect the players, manager and supporters against reporting which lacks logic, balance and fairness."

Meanwhile over in Damascus I don't know what it was those Israeli F-15s or cruise missiles hit but it certainly wasn't a sewage works. Tel Aviv justifies the strikes for the purpose of denying arms to Hezbollah when not so long ago they were supply Argentina with weapons via Peru during the Falklands War.