Sunday, 7 April 2013

UKIP vanishing cream - not available at Poundland

In the run up to the elections, a topical social media warning from the pages of the Sunday Telegraph. It will not be long before local newspapers start ringing to complain about politically-incorrect content on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and I have a few responses in mind.

Putting into context name-calling against a background of rape,robbery, assault,demographic replacement and racially selective induced impoverishment might prove to be fruitful if the media wanted to play ball. However, they'll only really be interested in one angle to enforce the current BNP=BAD UKIP=GOOD mantra.

As for the the new Teen Csar of Kent, with the anti-English reptile Vaz now demanding her resignation, I'm sure she'll be even more popular amongst younger people.

Ann Barnes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent, appointed the 17-year-old girl even though she had made a mass of comments about her fondness for drugs, alcohol and sex on the social-networking site Twitter in recent weeks.

Mrs Barnes unveiled Paris Brown as her youth police crime commissioner three days ago. The teenager is set to receive £15,000 of taxpayers’ money a year and use of a car...

In one post she described travellers as “illegals” and immigrants as “pikeys”. She also tweeted: “F****** hell why are the people from Direct Pizza so difficult to talk too! Its called English. LEARN IT.”

Perhaps she can say that she is a member of UKIP and her indiscretions will all go away, just like magic.