Saturday, 27 April 2013

UKIP BNP Cordon Sanitaire - turning off the electric fence

As prominent Labour Party supporter Max Clifford tries to work out who to represent him as he faces multiple sexual offences charges, the papers have now certainly turned on UKIP. The Daily Mail seems to be rather desperate as it picks on Nigel Farage's son after some minor late night navigational problems in London.

A bit unsavoury really trying to attack a man through his family but there's more serious material in both the Times and the Telegraph as they try and slam the anchors on after previously being responsible themselves for the severing of the handbrake cable.

What good it will do now is questionable, but the sheep people are emboldened, excited and prepared to stray into forbidden pastures. Big bad wolves are still lurking in the woods though watching the pantomime unfold.