Thursday, 25 April 2013

The start of the BNP UKIP firebreak & decriminalising the immigration debate

The circulation of the Guardian dropped substantially below the 200,00 mark for the first time last month. Another indication that society is beginning to disengage with traditional information outlets and take their news neat. Unfortunately, I still have to monitor the newspaper and that's how I have found this anticipated piece this morning.

Here we have direct confirmation that Labour are now distinctly worried about UKIP eating into their vote rather than just splitting Conservative support. You might have thought this little side-effect would have been considered by Labour strategists, but there again perhaps not. Maybe they have also not pondered the longer term impact of effectively decriminalising overnight the debate on immigration and race. Not surprisingly we have.

You will notice the centuries-old tactic of deploying a suitable bogeyman in order to frighten the populace into order. Trouble is it is only what the monster looks like now, what he says is perfectly acceptable. An effective reclassification of the BNP from demons to ogres to put it in contemporary, Guardian-reader terminology.