Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kent Teen Police Imam On The Way.

Quite a few media enquiries about local BNP candidates today despite the fact that these elections are predominantly going to be concerning whether or not the Tory party is spelt with a "C" or a "U". Nobody has speculated what effect the death of Mrs T will have, but I think it emphasises what a collection of comparative genuinely low grade dross we have in Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

I gather Parliament is to be recalled owing to the demise of Mrs T ahead of the scheduled date  Whether or not this will play any factor in the issuing of the writ for the South Shield by-election is unclear, but it still appears to be possible that it could also take place on May 2nd. Ladbrokes seem to know when the date is, as you can see, but I wouldn't make any moves until you know for sure and no, I'm not on commission before you ask.

I knew that teen police tsar in Kent was in for the chop as soon as I saw those reports about her social media "racism" and "homophobia". What she wants to do now is convert to Islam then she can officially hate gay people, Christians and a whole host of other assorted infidels and nobody will dare say a word. She can use the sword of Islam to cut her way through politically-correct constraints for us lesser beings and up through the police ranks like a knife through butter.

Heard my first chiffchaffs yesterday which means that Spring is upon us although the redwings still have not got the message. I've never known them stay around so late in the year which tells me that strange weather may well be on the way.