Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Branislav & Chips

A couple of topical and fascinating comparisons for you this evening before they slip my mind. Luis Suarez has just received a 10 match ban following on from his biting incident with Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. This is just four weeks more than John Terry's 6 match ban for witchcraft. It therefore shows that the FA regard racism as just 60% as serious as cannibalism.

Meanwhile we found out yesterday that national borrowing was down just £300million last year, from £120.9billion to £120.6billion. I've worked out that with a £1.2 trillion national debt, I'd have to make it to about 450 years old before we are in the black again at this rate.

More significantly though, all those cuts, taxes and hurtful austerity measures are achieving a reduction in borrowing equivalent to merely 5% of our £5billion+ yearly foreign aid budget. British cancer patients denied life-saving drugs whilst we provide Africans & Asians with free medicine - and we're supposed to be the racists?