Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lincoln Fantasy & Newcastle Reality

Tried to watch the Daniel Day-Lewis film "Lincoln" but couldn't even manage 10 minutes of this 2.5 hour Hollywood Oscar winner. Just like "Argo" it certainly wouldn't win any awards for historical accuracy as it almost instantly started to trowel on the anti-white propaganda.

In fact the American Civil War, as much as liberal multiculturalists might want it to, had nothing at all to do with slavery and was fought essentially on the basis of the North imposing excessive taxation on the South. For that reason and understanding exactly the motive for the distortion, I watched "River Monsters" instead.

I've just been made aware of this video, containing some foul language, of some young white lads in Newcastle being racially assaulted. The police have been made aware of this clip and I gather they are investigating. We wouldn't want them to forget or pretend this kind of thing isn't happening though. They certainly wouldn't if it was the other way around.